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VIDEO: Pastors Urge Black Christians To Oppose ‘Anti-Christian’ Democratic Party

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Bishop Speaks to Black Christians

Bishop E. W. Jackson is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Harvard Divinity School. He is also the President of “Ministers Taking a Stand” or MTS — A national organization of Pastors and Christian Leaders who’s goal is to address the moral, ethical, and spiritual issues plaguing American culture.

The Organization describes it’s purpose as follows:

“In 2014, we formed MINISTERS TAKING A STAND (‘MTS’) to unite Pastors and Christian leaders of all races and backgrounds to fight for the Constitution, our biblical heritage and values, and the American vision of “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

Since its inception, hundreds of black, white, and Hispanic ministers from across the country have joined us, making MTS a visible testament to interracial and interdenominational unity. If you are a pastor or Christian leader, join us. Lets work together to save America.”

As we approach the 2016 election, The Bishop (amongst many Christian Leaders) is now speaking directly to African American Christians in order to urge them to sever their long-term relationship with what he calls the ‘anti-Christian’ Democratic party.

In the upcoming video, Bishop Jackson explains why he feels that black Christians have a responsibility (as Christians) to cut-off their support for the Democratic party which is actively fighting against Christianity and biblical-values.

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“Four years ago I released a video called EXODUS NOW, calling black Christians to come out of the Democrat Party,” said Jackson. “When I did that video there was no gay marriage. Now we have it, and the Democrat Party is mainly responsible. I am back to say once again, come out!”

Bishop Jackson continued by addressing many of the political issues that the Democratic party supports despite the fact that it defies Christian morals:

“Why has the Democrat Party embraced gay marriage when black voters believe in the biblical definition of marriage?” he questioned. “Why does the Democrat Party avidly support Planned Parenthood when they know its founder, Margaret Sanger, was a racist eugenicist who wanted to stop the growth of the black population?”

Jackson challenged the notion that the Democratic party has helped the black and poor communities, pointing out the statistics after 8 years of a Democratic President (Pres. Obama)

“If the Democrat Party has done so much for the black community, why is poverty increasing? Why are there no jobs? Why is the unemployment rate among black citizens twice the national average? Why is there a 50% unemployment rate among black youth?

They don’t care about black people. They care about those who will bow to them.”

Jackson also pointed out that the Democratic party continues to manipulate the black community using fear and gain by essentially telling us blatant lies such as:

“If you don’t vote Democratic, the Bad Republicans will take away your rights and put you in slavery again. But if you vote Democratic, we will give you free things.”

Although no one can deny that there is a certain “allure” to getting something for “Free”, Is it really “Free” when it destroys the black community in the process?

“It’s time to say, ‘No thank you.’ It is time to stop blindly following the Democrat Party and start faithfully following God.” stated Jackson.



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