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VISION: Iran Launches Nuclear offensive against America

March 20, 2015

The ‘Breathing’ Shield:

In a dream/vision, I was taken to the middle-east,from there I saw the Nation of Israel.

Around Israel was some sort of force-field that completely encamped itself around the nation. Furthermore the force-field was transparent, yet it glistened as a diamond and throbbed as if it was inhaling and exhaling (Sorry, this is the best way I can explain it).

force field

So after I finished looking, I turned my back to the force-field and began looking at other nations in the middle-east. I noticed that none of them had a force-field that surrounded them, only Israel.

America, Protection-less:

From there I was taken back to America, I was placed in a very large City. However as I began walking and looking around I noticed that there was no force-field surrounding America (unlike the one surrounding Israel).

NOTE: I have never been to New York city, however I am almost certain that this is where I was.

So as I continued walking around the city, I saw people going on with their daily routines. Some were walking with their children, some were talking, and others were laughing.

However they were just living their lives as normal.

night city

It was then then that I just-so-happened to look to my right.

As I did, I could see an Ocean — However it was as if the Ocean had been shortened so that I could see across it.

So as I sat there looking, I heard an extremely loud explosion and saw an object that appeared to be a Space-shuttle (in size). I then saw fire bursting from beneath it as it quickly lifted off of the ground.

… It was taking off.

However It did not accelerate directly into the air — Instead it turned and quickly  began approached the USA.

When the people heard the Blast and saw the object headed towards America, they began yelling, running, and screaming.

And in the distance I heard someone cry out…

“Oh my God, It is a NUKE

missile 1

America Nuked:

When everyone heard this they began screaming and crying in fear. People were running in every direction, grabbing their kids and belongings trying to get out of the City.

Somehow, I knew that this Nuke was coming from Iran.

iranPeople were so frightened that many of them were Hysterical, yet they were hoping and praying that somehow the Nuke would be diverted by the U.S. military before it hit the Homeland.

However, somehow I already knew that the Nuke would not be diverted, instead it would be allowed to hit American soil.

So as the Nuke got closer and closer — People continued running and screaming in fear, trying to get away.

Honestly the sight was so fearful that I too turned and attempted to run away, but I couldn’t.

It was as if I was trapped in ‘slow-motion’ and my feet were glued to the ground — all I could do was continue watching.

As I sat there watching, my heart began to break because I saw thousands of people running for their lives. I saw parents placing their children in their arms and attempting to flee, yet there was no where to flee.

Not long after, the Nuke hit the ground…


The Destruction:

Immediately when the Nuke struck the earth, I kid you not, the ground literally melted —  turning into a soup-like substance.

Some people were driving what seemed to be 80mph trying to escape the devastation, but they couldn’t escape. The ground melted beneath their vehicles.

Another after-effect of the Nuke was that 5-story buildings completely disintegrated in a matter of micro-seconds leaving nothing but a cloud of dust, fire, and smoke.

tidal waveIf you can imagine a tidal-wave high enough to cover an entire city, this is exactly what the explosion looked like — However replace the water with Fire and smoke.

Although it was Night when the Nuke struck, there was so much Fire that it appeared to be daytime. Furthermore there was so much smoke in the air that massive ‘Black’ clouds formed over the entire city.

The event was so horrible, that 9/11 paled in comparison. This devastation was unlike anything America has ever seen since its 235+ years of existence.

It was unrealistic.



Now that I have shared with you this dream, I am about to share another crucial piece of information that I purposely withheld until the end.

I had this dream right before I awoke on March 3, 2015 roughly around 7am.

Now some of you may not be aware, but this was the exact day that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his address to Congress in regards to the Nuclear deal that the Obama Administration is brokering with Iran.

After having this dream, I woke up and realized that the Prime Minister of Israel was preparing to give his speech in just a short 4 hours. (See the Speech)

My mind was blown.

Who am I kidding, it still is.

Although we may not understand exactly how things will play out in these last and final days, One thing that we know for sure is that we are truly living in Prophetic Times.

Editor’s Note: This is the end of this post. However below this comment are some interesting Notes and Clues that have been put together concerning the content of this dream/vision that supports the overall premise of the article.

More updates will be made to these Notes when they are realized.

 Interesting Note #1:

After doing some research I discovered that Iran is on (GMT) time — meaning that they are roughly 7hrs ahead of (EST) and 10hrs ahead of (PDT) (something I didn’t know before having the dream).

However In my dream, It was Night-time when the Nuke Struck America (New York specifically).

Now when we consider that New York’s time-zone is EST while Iran’s time-zone is GMT — that would mean that if the Nuke Struck NY at Night, it would be DAY in Iran.

(Which makes sense when you consider the fact that you would never want to attack an Enemy while everyone on your team is asleep. However if you could catch them while they are asleep — you would have the advantage!)

Interesting Note #2:

In the dream/vision I recall looking to my right and seeing an Ocean. However the Ocean seemed as if it had been ‘shortened’ because I could look across it and see Land.

Now assuming that I was in New York, lets look at a Map.


Now although most of you can get a clear picture of this, I am going to cut this image up a little and remove some of the irrelevant parts and countries so you can get a much better picture.

Here is the ‘Shortened’ version:


From this image, it would seem that the Ocean that I saw the missile coming over was the North Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore we can see that Iran would have a clear shot if it targeted New York City.

DISCLAIMER: The post you have read is the revelation of my own personal dream. In no way is this post attempting to “Foretell the future”, instead I am simply sharing what I have seen.

Although no human knows what the future holds, the GOD of all creation does
— and he often chooses to reveal these things to his people through dreams and visions.

Hence, I am sharing this dream to my blog as a personal and public record in the event that God reveals it to be true in the near or far future.

(Joel 2:28) And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:



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  • megan kennedy

    jerusalem is god’s and he has them coveredI think thats the clear covering you saw-but now as long as America stood w/Israel,I believe God had our back,but now that we’ve turned away from Israel,dont expect it.The christians who are standing w/ Israel I believe will have protection(ps.91 )As 4 New York,there’s so much wickedness there-I can only tell them to pray,seek God,and repent-Maybe God will repent.God indeed gives warning.

  • The_Motley_Sage

    I’ve been having similar/relevant dreams and visions for a few years now. I have close associates who have been as well….all the same message, just from different angles. Even Louis Farrakan , believe it or not, is speaking abt this (during the Million Man March Anniversary in 2015).
    In my dreams, we were attacked in ways ranging from aerial bombing and ambush to tidal waves and EMP (idk…but everybody’s car just shut off on this alias highway I was on. I knew we were in danger so I ran for cover).
    Idk what’s coming, dude, but I know that whatever it is, it’s real and it’s judgment and it’s the Lord. Your testimony here only further confirms 1) that I’m not crazy (with these type of dreams/visions, you need constant confirmation that you’re not crazy), and 2) that this is from God, it’s real, and will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

    Stay up. Stay in prayer. Stay in Him.