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OPINION: Are ‘Race-Wars’ being used to spark Civil Unrest?


Race Wars: Old pan, New Generation

In the mid 1960s-80s, There was a plot developed that intended to make BLACKS riot and revolt using political and racial injustice as the primary tool.

This contingency plan was not declassified until 1984, however it was known as “Rex 84” (Learn More)

Once they finally did Revolt, the commotion would be used as a ‘Trigger’ to declare Martial Law.

injusticeFrom there, all blacks (and supporting whites) were to be rounded up and thrown into Military ‘Detention Centers’.

The plan involved Cops intentionally harassing blacks. Trying to provoke them, trying to make them fight back, Trying to start a Race War, Trying to get enough of them outraged. Then they would swoop in with Martial Law.

Fortunately prominent civil-rights groups and leaders who followed the influence of Dr. MLK were smart enough to see through the deception. They didn’t allow the actions of a few (racists) to color their perception of an entire race. Furthermore they refused to Retaliate despite the injustice.

As a result, The plan Failed.

However Today, it would seem that this plan is being fired back up (with a slight variation). But this time it’s not just Blacks being targeted, it is the “Right wing” and all those who oppose the New Power structure being brought into America.

… Yet we have no more DR. Martin Luther King‘s
… Yet we have no more Rosa Parks‘s

Instead all we have are ‘Al Sharptons‘…

Very few blacks are being voices of REASON.

Instead of remembering how Black Civil rights leaders changed the world using PEACE rather than violence, we are allowing the HATE in others to evoke Hate within ourselves — Not remembering that Hate breeds even more Hate.

Even worse, we are allowing the racial Harmony that once encompassed our Nation to be eroded by a strategic plot to divide the people… planting one American against another because of our inherited appearance (skin color).

Have we so easily forgotten that the same God created ALL?



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