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French Police kills assailant who stabs 3 while shouting “Allahu Akbar”

December 21, 2014


Islamic ‘Lone Wolf’ attacks in France

According to sources, French police gunned down a man Saturday who allegedly attacked them with a knife while within a Police station.

While attacking, witnesses claim that the man was continually shouting “Allahu Akbar” which simply translates to “God is Great” in Arabic.

Although no officer was fatally injured as a result of the attack, one officer did suffer minor wounds to his face while others suffered minor bruises and punctures.

Recently, France is one of many countries in Europe that has noticed a growing percentage of its citizens converting to Islam and joining jihadist movement over in Syria and Iraq.

According to sources, almost 1,000 french citizens are expected to have abandoned their citizenship and have joined the jihadist agenda currently taking place in many middle eastern countries.

As the number of Islamic converts in France continues to rise, one can only expect that the number of “lone wolf” attacks such as these will continue to rise as well.



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