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Gen. Dempsey: ISIS cannot be stopped except U.S. Intervention | President Obama rejects Intervention

August 23, 2014

General Martin E. Dempsey declared to reporters in a Pentagon briefing that ISIS is a force unlike anything America has ever seen coming out of the region.

He continue by stating that unless U.S. intervention occurs in the mid-east to stop the progression of ISIS — the group would inevitably swallow Iraq (as they have virtually done).

ISIS released several videos in which they openly state that they are at war with the United States. They frequently declare that they will one day over-throw the United States as a global power and some have even been quoted saying that they will “Raise the flag of Allah” over the Whitehouse.

Despite this, President Obama refused to acknowledge the threat that ISIS clearly poses not only to American interests overseas — but even to the homeland.

Instead the President has taken the “Containment” approach — in which he does nothing to stop the militant group from advancing but instead he has chosen to simply keep them on a “Leash”, But one thing that that nature has shown us is that you don’t keep a wolf as a house-pet.

general-dempseySeveral days ago, an American Journalist (James Foley) was beheaded by this militant group in response to U.S. drone strikes allegedly conducted against ISIS fighters in Iraq.

Despite his earlier claims that ISIS is not a real threat to America — President Obama has since retreated from his original thesis by acknowledging that ISIS poses a very real threat to America.

But the President defended himself by blaming his statement on “Bad Intel”.

(yeah right)

This seems to be a primary tactic for the Obama administration, Deny — blame.

President Obama was well informed on events taking place in Iraq and the rapid progression of the militant group ISIS — but instead of addressing the problem as any advocate for freedom would do, he chose to let them spread and essentially dominate key locations in the middle-east.

It is this relative truth that causes me to question not the Competence of the President —
but instead the Allegiance of our Commander-in-Chief.


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