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Georgia Church sparked a heated debate with this! Check it Out

December 21, 2014


Church under Fire: Santa/Satan

GEORGIA — The Born Again Independent baptist church has recently came under fire for the message that they decided to post on the Church bulletin early this month that reads “Santa is Satan”.

The Church posted the message in response to the cultural fascination with “Santa Clause”, magical reindeer, and elves — as opposed to fascination with the true meaning for the season — Jesus Christ.

Edward Carothers (Pastor at Born Again Baptist) told the Christian Post that the decision to post the message on the Church billboard was the decision of the Church as a whole and not one individual.

After the entire congregation had decided on placing the statement outside of the Church, they faced scrutiny and persecution for relating the popular holiday figure to “Satan”.

“Our church decided to post this message after being burdened by a false deity taking over the Christmas season,” said Carothers.

He continued…

“We as born again believers traditionally set aside December 25th to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For several years now I noticed less and less nativity scenes and more Santa.”


According to sources, Carothers also stated that he believed that the mere fascination with “Santa Clause” in American society has grown to the point where it has essentially become boarder-line Idolatry in that it teaches children to worship a deity in order to receive gifts and nice things for Christmas.

“It would seem from the counties and cities claiming separation of church and state have no problem at all with Santa, but have a huge problem with Jesus – the reason for the season,”

Said Carothers.

Santa Clause: Omniscient?

santa-clausCarothers continued by citing a 1996 work titled “Santa Clause and Satan’s Clause” by James L. Melton that noted a few shocking similarities between the “Santa Clause” and the Christian God.

A few of these similarities are…

  • Both Santa and God are Eternal (don’t die)
  • Both Santa and God have white hair (Rev 1:14)
  • Both Santa and God are Omniscient
  • Both Santa and God are Omnipotent
  • Both Santa and God have “Helpers” (elves & angels)

“I think Christians should stand for the faith! That we must defend the message of the birth of the Christ! Christ is God’s gift to mankind,” said Carothers.

According to Carothers, the feedback that he and the Church received in response to the message was 40% positive — but despite the flack that they are receiving, they are convinced that the glorification of Santa clause above the celebration of Jesus Christ is more dangerous than many realize.

How long will it be before the birth of Jesus Christ is “snuffed out” entirely within America?



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