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GOOGLE: New Algorithm only shows you INFO they say is ‘TRUE’

March 23, 2015


Google: Fact or Fiction?

As we all know, the Internet is a marvelous tool that allows the rapid spread of information in literally micro-seconds.

With that being said, one would be remiss if they failed to mention that there is literally enough garbage and dis-information out there to keep you occupied and confused for decades (if not longer) — Furthermore lies often spread faster on the web than truth.

However in its attempts to deliver quality search-results to its users, Could Google be taking things a step too far? (more on this later)

Google: ‘We know everything, Trust us’

More than likely, when you want to search for something on the Internet you use Google to do so.

You usually type in any set of keywords such as “Camera” or “Funny Videos” into Google’s search bar and click “Search”

— from there Google will send its Google-bots out to find websites and pages that are the most relevant to the keywords you entered.

Depending on what they find, These ‘bots’ will then return the top 10 (or-so) pages that are closest to your search criteria.

Typical search-results look like this:


Google was able to deliver these results to your web-browser by using a very complex algorithm that quite frankly does a very simple task

… Find Relevant information.

Currently, Google uses a website’s Popularity and Credibility to determine value of a webpage or site. This is usually determined by the Quantity and Quality of incoming links to a webpage/site.

If a website has a large number of links coming in from trustworthy sources such as,, etc — then Google assumes that the website has some trust worthiness. However if tons of links are coming from Spamy-websites, Google basically ignores them.

However a Google research Team is reportedly pushing to change the way the Search Giant ranks websites by implementing a New Algorithm that will take into consideration the Truthfulness of a website and its content.

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This new ‘Truth’ ranking factor will allegedly compare the facts being shared on websites with the data found in Google’s Knowledge Vault as well as other “Debunking” websites (such as snopes) and from there will apply a ‘Truth’ score to the website.

Wikipedia defines Google’s ‘Knowledge Vault’ like this:

“The Knowledge Vault is a knowledge base created by Google. As of 2014, it contained 1.6 billion facts which had been collated automatically from the Internet”

So after Google has determined a ‘Truth’ score for a website, that score will be taken into consideration within Google’s Ranking Algorithm to determine which pages are listed within Google’s Search Results.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that all websites who’s content does not align with Google’s version of ‘Truth’ will be locked away in a dark-hole, never to be found in Google’s Search results ever again.

Google: Declaring itself the ‘god’ of Truth?

There are literally thousands (if not millions) of web-pages out there attempting to help users unearth ‘Truth’, However when we consider truth — who’s version do we believe?

If you ask 5 guys who the Best NFL team is you will probably get 5 different answers, However which of them is telling the truth? Furthermore how do you determine it?

Do you ask Google?

This seems to be the direction that the search-giant is attempting to take the Internet with its new ranking criteria.

This unprecedented move by Google could change the way information is shared by crushing the ability of users to find Alternative content that may not agree with the ‘mainstream’ narrative.

Websites relating to:

  • Conspiracy
  • Alternative News
  • Conservative/Christian
  • anti-government
  • Liberty/Freedom

Could find themselves being ‘Hit’ by Google’s New Ranking Algorithm for daring to question the mainstream narrative or for sharing their personal beliefs.

Could this be the beginning of the an Internet ‘Purge’ that will silence all political and religious dissent?






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