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GOOGLE: Files Patent for Toys that control your home (and watch your children Sleep)


Google to create ‘Watch Bots’?

Starting with the mysterious ‘Page Rank’ algorithm that launched it to the forefront of the Search-Engine battle,  Google has always strove to be the world’s foremost leader in technological innovation.

Google has now taken the idea one step further by filing a patent on an idea developed by it’s ‘Top Secret’ development branch known as Google.

The patent outlines a line of Internet-connected stuffed animals that will be equipped with advance technology that allows them not only to ‘See’ and ‘Hear’ — but will also allow them to control other appliances around the house (radio, TV, lights, sprinklers, Etc).

smartNow maybe it is just me, but this is starting to sound awfully similar to the Disney movie “Smart House” in which a technologically ‘Smart’ house is brought to life and ends up holding the family hostage.

But I digress.

Returning to Google’s stuffed-animal patent, these ‘Furry Pals’ would also be able to maintain eye-contact with your children or anyone else looking at it. (Hopefully one person at a time,  because anything else would be CREEPY-er)

These toys would have built in speakers and audio processing systems which would allow them to both speak and process verbal instructions (do this, do that).

In addition, they would have motors built within which would allow them to perform several ‘life-like’ actions such as ‘Blinking’ and ‘Turning their heads’ towards the source of sounds (talk about creepy).

“The anthropomorphic devices may be able to detect movement and sounds even when appearing to be asleep,” the patent states.

Google even suggests that these ‘Watch Bots’ would be best fit for the rooms of Children. The bots can ‘keep an eye’ on children by detecting, recording, and logging any unusual activity.

According to the Patent, the Device “may be a doll or toy that resembles a human, an animal, a mythical creature, or an inanimate object,”

later adding: “young children might find these forms to be attractive.”

This unusual patent was uncovered by the Tech law firm SmartUp, whose director (Emma Carr) told BBC News that she was concerned about the toys ability to “Listen” and “Record” a user’s conversation and log their activity.

“When those devices are aimed specifically at children, then for many this will step over the creepy line. Children should be able to play in private,” said Emma.

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