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Director of ANTI-NWO Movie “Gray State” Found Dead in Home

January 29, 2015

David “Gray State” Crowley:


Apple Valley, MN — The Director of an upcoming film “Gray State” (David Crowley)  and his family were found dead in their home on Saturday. (More later)

Police have released very limited details about the deaths but have made known that the they are being treated as “Suspicious”.

For those who aren’t familiar with him, David Crowley was the director of an Anti-New World Order movie known as “Gray State”, A upcoming film dedicated to exposing the New World Order mindset as well as the ideology that a faction of UN-American individuals may have infiltrated key political places within American government and are now pushing to create a “New Order” from within.

Resulting in the following…

  • Militarization of Local Police
  • Enhanced technological “Spying” on its citizens
  • RFID technology
  • Fear Mongering
  • Terrorism

Here is the #1 concept Trailer:

David Crowley Death: Investigation

The bodies of David Crowley, his wife (komel), and their 5 year old daughter (Raniya) was found dead on Saturday by their next-door neighbor, Collin Prochnow.

It was reported that the bodies had been inside the home for several weeks.

Prochnow stated that he had not seen any activity in the Crowley’s home since the Christmas Holidays. He also noted that packages were beginning to accumulate on the front-porch of the home of the deceased “Gray State” director. Also adding that the lights were on all day in the house, both day and night.

The concerned neighbor finally decided to check on the family.

Prochnow went over to the house and began looking through the windows, it was then that he discovered the three bodies laying on the floor along with a handgun.

Audio from the police radio revealed that police found “Several obviously deceased bodies” in the front of the home as well as “a very angry dog” inside.

Police noted that a rear slider door of the Crowley’s home was “Unlocked and slightly ajar”

However, Police stated that the situation appears to be a murder-suicide.

Charlie Hubbel, an actor who appeared in the “Gray State” trailer told that Crowley “seemed more grounded and focused than would lend itself to anything chaotic.”


“The entire time I worked with him there was nothing aggressive or chaotic or strange or abnormal. He was one of the ones I was hanging my hat on, one who was going to succeed”

UPDATE: The death of the family has officially been ruled as a Murder-Suicide.

Exclusive Interview: “Gray State” co-worker speaks out about Crowley Death

In an exclusive interview with Ben Swann, “Gray State” co-creator and actor Danny August Mason discussed the recent death of Crowley and his family as well as the future of the film.



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