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QUESTION: “How was NOAH able to get 1 of every species on a small boat?”

October 30, 2014

Firstly, this Question is already BOOBY TRAPPED because it was asked under the assumption that Noah had to take 1 pair of every SPECIES which is false.

Noah didn’t take 1 of every SPECIES, he took 1 of each KIND.
(There is a massive difference as you will soon see)

SPECIES is every unique BRAND of creature.

  • Labs
  • Husky
  • Pit bull
  • yorkie
  • shih tzu

All of the above are different species of DOG, but they share the same FAMILY (Canine)

So because Noah only needed 1 of each KIND of animal, this drastically reduced the number of creatures that Noah needed to take onto the ark.

  • Dog Kind
  • Cat Kind
  • Bird Kind
  • Etc

** The different variety of creatures is found within the Genetic makeup of each kind.

With Crayons, if you mix RED and BLUE — you get something NEW.

Same concept applies with animals. Mix dog X with dog Y, you get dog Z



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