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Israel invades Gaza Strip | Operation ‘Protective Edge’

July 18, 2014

ground-invasion-israelIsrael goes on the Offensive:

For years we have watched as the war raged on between Israel and the Islamic radical groups such as Hamas whose sole purpose was to infiltrate Israel and carry out genocidal attacks wherever possible.

Secretary of State John Kerry, on behalf of The United States attempted to broker a deal between Israel and Palestine to stop the senseless war and bloodshed that was occurring because of this middle-eastern conflict but the negotiations came to a screeching halt when the Palestinian government made an alliance with Hamas — a Radical terror-cell who has vowed to destroy Israel and wipe it off the face of the earth.


Hamas Soldiers

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear that no peace negotiations can ever be realized between the two countries unless the alliance made between Palestine and the terror group is undone.

With the peace negotiations making no progressions, It wasn’t long until Hamas began firing rockets at Israel from the Gaza strip. Although Israel had been restraining its military might as a favor to the United States and for the sake of Peace — It became evident that Israel needed to defend herself from the hundreds of rockets being fired by Hamas at innocent Israeli citizens.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Makes Press Statement

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu

The Iron-Dome Defense:

Because Israel has always been under attack since it was re-established in 1948 — It needed some way to defend itself from the barrage of rocket attacks coming from nearby countries. It was this that lead to the creation of Israel’s missile defense system most commonly referred to as the “Iron Dome”.

Iron Dome Defense System

Iron Dome Defense System

The purpose of the Iron-Dome is to detect and intercept nearby rocket-fire coming towards Israel and heading for largely populated cities. According to the Jerusalem Post — The Iron dome defense is 90% effective against incoming rocket attacks. It is also said to be the most-effective, most-tested missile defense system the world has ever seen.

Although Israel’s Iron-Dome defense system has done a great job thus far intercepting the vast majority of the rockets being fired at Jerusalem and other key Israeli cities — The Iron-Dome’s defenses are limited, and if enough rockets are fired simultaneously then some of the rockets will definitely penetrate Israel’s defenses.

In a time such as this, Israel would usually seek the help of its Western allies such as the United States — but with America standing idly by as Iraq is invaded by Islamic radicals and with the Palestinian government (as well as Hamas) receiving financial aid from the Obama administration — Israel knew that It was essentially, on its own.

us-israelOperation Protective Edge:

‘Operation Protective Edge’ is an offensive operation of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) aimed at flushing out Hamas and destroy many of the tools and weapons being used to attack Israel. The operation was launched by Israel on July 8, 2014 in response to massive rocket-attacks targeting Israel out of Gaza.

Once the operation had commenced, Israel began targeting many key leaders in the terror organization using air-strikes and other means. But before commencing the attack, Israel sent out many warnings to Palestinian civilians warning them to flee the area where Hamas was hiding because it was in danger of a possible air-strike. Israel dropped over 10,000 leaflets over the danger-zones warning civilians that they should head to larger cities and away from Hamas. This act remains consistent with the Israeli Prime Minister’s statement that the Israeli army is “A moral army like no other”.


leaflets being dropped over Gaza by IDF

In response to Israel’s warnings, more than 50,000 Palestinians fled the location — but Hamas forced a large number of the civilians to remain.

Medical Professionals in Palestine reported the death toll to be over 260 while the wounded toll to be nearly 2,000. Needless to say many in the main-stream media accused Israel to carelessly attacking Palestinian civilians in their offensive — but Israel defended by stating that it sent out civilian warnings, but it was Hamas that forced them to stay thus treating them as ‘Human Shields’.

The Israeli Prime Minister revealed the difference between Israel and Hamas by explaining that Israel only uses its missiles to protect its citizens while Hamas using its citizens to protect its missiles.

On July 14, 2014 — Egypt proposed a cease-fire to stop the bloodshed. Israel accepted the cease-fire agreement and temporarily halted its hostilities but Hamas would not agree to the cease fire and continue lobbing rockets at Israel therefore Israel resumed its military operation.

Operation Protective Edge: The Gaza ground Invasion

After days of waiting after the warnings had been issued, the prime minister of Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu) instructed the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) to send ground troops into Gaza.

According to the IDF, some Israel’s prime objectives are…

  • Destroy Tunnels (being used to infiltrate Israeli territory)
  • Destroy Rockets
  • Ammo
  • Advanced Weaponry
  • Restore a State of ‘Calm’ to the region

The Press: Mainstream Media Attacks Israel

airstrikesIf you have been watching the news, undoubtedly you have heard of the conflict taking place — but most of the coverage has been a negative depiction of Israel’s actions. Gruesome pictures are being shown of children who have been injured in the conflict and immediately blame is placed on Israel although It was Hamas that forced the women and children to stay in the area instead of fleeing to safe zones.

Therefore it is not Israel that Is responsible for the death of these civilians but Hamas.

The spokes person of the IDF took to twitter and explained that in its efforts to harm Israel, Hamas has actually hit its own people with over 100 rockets.

As a sovereign Nation, Israel has every right to defend herself from the attacks being perpetrated by Hamas (which is simply a proxy for Iran). But Hamas is using the deaths of its own children as a propaganda tool to generate sympathy from the International community while painting Israel as an evil nation that purposely kills innocent children.

Despite what many people may think, Israel is not fighting because it wants to gain more land or because it wants to destroy Palestine — It is fighting for its very right to Exist. Israel is surrounded by nations that claim that it doesn’t even have the right to be a Nation. And as the only Democracy in the Middle-East, you would think that America would be eager to stand at the side of our only friend in a region where Islam and Theocracy dominates.

Under the Obama Administration, we are witnessing is a hesitant and dormant foreign policy that not only neglects Israel, but that actually paves a road for Israel’s destruction by allowing both America’s and Israel’s enemies to accumulate the power necessary to not only destroy Israel, but both Democracy and Freedom.




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