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Israel Bombs Syrian Missiles | Israel Outraged At The Obama Administration for “Snitching”

November 2, 2013

The Long-time ally of the United States, Israel,

is Outraged At The Obama Administration for “Snitching” regarding its role in the bombing of Syrian Nuclear Missiles.

If you Read Our Last Post regarding this Issue,

you were already aware that Israel conducted Air-strikes on Syrian Missiles they believed

being transported to the Terrorist group Hezb’Allah

Days After the Strike was conducted, The Obama administration “Leaked” to the world that it was indeed our ally, Israel, who carried out the military strikes in Syria.

This Leak left Both Israel and America dumbfounded.

It is incomprehensible that President Obama would “Tattle” on the nation that the United States of America is said to have an “Eternal Bond”  with.

But isn’t this the same Administration that goes to such great depths to Coverup “Scandals” such as Benghazi?

Or to Punish Leakers like Edward Snowden, or Bradley Manning?

Israel is shocked and outraged at The White-House for leaking such information that could possibly start a Major uprising.

Early on Friday,
Israeli officials made a statement to Israel’s Channel 10 TV station,

they called the Leak by The White-House “Scandalous” & “Unthinkable”

Will These Leaks Push Syria to retaliate against Israel?

Is this apart of the steps that will eventually drive Israel one step closer to the Psalm 83 War?

Israel has not officially commented on the validity of the statement, we can only assume

that they intend to maintain plausible deniability regarding the aerial Strikes.

But an Obama Administration Official confirmed that Israel was indeed the culprit.

Is The Obama Administration Intentionally adding “Gas” to the “Flames” of this already delicate situation?

Is this as an attempt by The Obama Administration to agitate the fragile “boarder” separating the Entire World from a Disastrous Nuclear War ( WW3 )?

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