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ISRAEL to world: ‘We are not bound by Iran Deal, we will Defend ourselves’

Israel’s response to a Nuclear Iran:

bibi-netanyahuAs the discussion on the Nuclear Deal between Western Powers and Iran continues — We are witnessing a very heated debate not just between Americans, but between our partners and allies in the middle-east as well.

Although Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia have all openly expressed their opposition to a Nuclear-armed Iran — one of the most vocal critics has been Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of America’s strongest ally in the region, Israel.

Not long after news broke that a deal had been reached, Bibi made certain that there was no confusion about where Israel stands on the issue.

But what is shocking is that although Israel is a very diverse nation with a wide variety of competing political-parties, the Israeli citizens (as a whole) have set aside their cosmetic differences and have come together (almost in Unison) to protest the agreement that would essentially leave Iran a Nuclear threat.

“The world is a much more dangerous place today than it was yesterday.” said the Israeli PM

He continued:

“The leading international powers have bet our collective future on a deal with the foremost sponsor of international terrorism.”


Nuke Deal: Trading Diamonds for Dust


If someone wanted to kill you (really badly), would you give them a gun if they asked you for one? No?

What if they tried to buy it from you? No?

What if they promised they would NOT try to kill you? would you give it then?

Most of us wouldn’t, we have much more sense than that.

Sadly, this is exactly what America is doing.

Iran has shown us time and time again that it has no real interest in establishing a working relationship with Israel or America. I mean why else would it be in pursuit of a Nuclear bomb AND an ICBM (Intercontinental ballistic Missile) — because it wants to Nuke ‘other’ Continents.

However those ICBMs would not  be for Israel because Israel is on the SAME continent as Iran. The intended recipient of those ICBMs… would probably be America.

As pointed out by Bibi:

“While the negotiators were closing the [Nuclear] deal in Vienna, Iran’s supposedly ‘moderate’ president chose to go to a rally in Tehran. And at this rally, a frenzied mob burned American and Israeli flags and chanted ‘Death to America, Death to Israel’.”


“Now, this didn’t happen 4 years ago, it happened 4 days ago.”

“Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini said on March 21 that the deal does not limit Iran’s aggression in any way. He said “Negotiations with the United States on the Nuclear Issue and on nothing else“.

“And three days ago he made that clear again. ‘The United States’ he said ‘Embodies global arrogance, and the battle against it will continue unabated — even after the Nuclear agreement is concluded.'”


ISRAEL to world: ‘We are not bound, we will defend ourselves’


Despite what the supporters of this deal claim, many believe that the preventative measures placed in the agreement will not be enough to stop Iran from developing Nuclear weapons — even should the sanctions eventually be restored.

As stated by Benjamin Netanyahu:

“The bottom line of this very bad deal is exactly what Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said today. ‘The International community is removing the sanctions, and Iran is keeping it’s Nuclear program.'”


“By not dismantling Iran’s Nuclear program, in a decade this deal will give an unreformed, unrepentant, and far richer terrorist regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs — In fact an entire nuclear arsenal with the means to deliver it.”


“What a stunning historic mistake.”

Nearing the end of his speech, Prime Minister Netanyahu made it clear to America and the rest of the International community that Israel will not restrain itself when it comes to ensuring it’s own survival and national security.

“Israel is not bound by this deal with Iran because Iran continues to seek our destruction. We will always defend ourselves.”

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