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Israel ‘erased’ Syrian Fighter-Jet attempting to infiltrate its airspace | Zero-Tolerance [VIDEO]

September 24, 2014

Israel shoots down SyrianSeptember 23, 2014 — A Syrian fighter-jet (MiG-21) was attempting to infiltrate Israeli airspace in the Golan Heights.

In accordance to its ‘Zero-tolerance’ policy, the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) responded by firing a Patriot anti-aircraft missile at the fighter-jet attempting to enter their airspace.

The fighter-jet was successfully intercepted by the Patriot anti-aircraft missile which sent the aircraft crashing to the ground.

Fortunately the two pilots were able to eject safely onto Syrian soil (assuming they were Syrians) before the plane made impact with the ground.

The IDF launched an investigation into the matter…

idfThis is the latest news in the growing tension at the Israel-Syria border.

As the Syrian civil-war rages on, the IDF has seen a ‘spillover’ of the combat that has reached its borders leaving soldiers and civilians severely injured.

Between ISIS devouring key cities in Iraq, and Iran speedily moving towards a Nuclear stockpile
— Israel has drastically increased its security measures to ensure its own safety and survival.

According to military Intel, ISIS has gotten its paws on several Syrian fighter-jets.
When taking this into consideration, one couldn’t expect any other response from the IDF.




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