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ISRAELI ELECTIONS: Likud Ad shows ISIS asking directions to Jerusalem [VIDEO]

February 16, 2015


Elections in Israel:

As many of you already know, elections are quickly approaching in Israel — currently set to take place on the 17th of March.

With the race intensifying between the various parties, The Likud party (Lead by Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu) released a new ad that shows ISIS militants (played by actors) pull along side an Israeli and ask him for directions to Jerusalem.

likud-adThe random Israeli responds “Just Take Left”

The Islamic radicals then ride off screaming “Allahu Ahkbar”, waving their flags, and discharging their weapons into the air.

However as the terrorists ride away, the viewer gets a glimpse of the bumper sticker on the back of their Toyota truck that reads “Just not Bibi”. (Bibi meaning Netanyahu)

The screen then goes dark and Hebrew words appear alongside gunshots that read “The Left will surrender to terror”

Another screen emerges shortly after that reads…

“It’s either us or them. Only the Likud. Only Netanyahu”

(Translation by IMRA)



 The Left fires back:

Although many people viewed the Ad as a stroke genius, the left however didn’t find it as amusing.

According a letter written to the Attorney General of Israel by Meretz candidates (an opposing party), The Likud incited to violence by releasing a video that essentially implied that ISIS will reach Jerusalem if if the left is elected.

“We already have experience with [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s inciting statements in demonstrations in the 1990s against [former prime minister Yitzhak] Rabin and last summer during Protective Edge when the Left and the Arab public were the target,”

wrote Mossi Raz and Gaby Lasky, sixth and seventh on the Meretz list.

However, they were not the only ones with a problem with the Likud’s ad.

Palestinian rappers outraged:

Apparently Palestinian rappers were outraged at the use of their song in the the Likud’s Ad.

As reported by the Times of Israel…

“Members of the Amman-based alternative hip-hop group Torabyeh accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday of putting their lives at serious risk by linking them with terrorism and associating them with Islamic State fighters, following the apparently illegal use of a rap song performed by the band in a controversial campaign ad posted online by the Likud party Saturday night.

“In the last propaganda video released by the Israeli Likud Party which is headed by the criminal Benjamin Netanyahu (Zionist right-wing), the song called ‘Ghorbah’ by Torabyeh has been used,” a statement posted on the band’s Facebook page read.

“The use of the song in the particular context cannot be considered anything but deliberate propaganda of the Zionist right for the purpose of electoral propaganda and attacking the so-called Zionist ‘left wing.’ Furthermore, it implicates the Torabyeh group by containing serious accusations of terrorism and association with ISIS which is consequently putting the group members’ lives at risk”



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