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Israeli Strike on Iran Seems imminent! Brink of World War 3

November 26, 2013

It would appear that World War III is virtually unavoidable after a new Deal was struck in Geneva between Iran and the p5+1 group of the United Nations.

( Consists of  the USA, Russia, China, U.K, Germany )

Despite the warnings of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

A Deal was struck allowing Iranian Sanctions (taxes) from foreign counties to be partially lifted.

These sanctions would originally cost Iran 1.2 Billion dollars each year.

But because they have been lifted, the country will have this money as “Extra Cash” floating around its economy which will most likely be used to build a Nuclear Arsenal aimed at destroying one of its most hated enemies, ISRAEL.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu took to Local News along with twitter to express his disapproval of the agreement, calling it a Historic Mistake.

Netanyahu was also quoted…

“I would be happy if I could join those voices around the world that are praising the Geneva agreement.


It is true that the international pressure which we applied was partly successful and has led to a better result than what was originally planned,


but this is still a bad deal.


It reduces the pressure on Iran without receiving anything tangible in return,


and the Iranians who laughed all the way to the bank are themselves saying that this deal has saved them.”

We can clearly see that Prime Minister Netanyahu is adamantly against this Deal

But Why?

The Answer is SIMPLE…

Because Iran HATES Israel, Literally!

Most Iranian textbooks actually EXCLUDE the nation of Israel from their world maps!

Not to mention the simple fact that the Former Iranian President was actually QUOTED saying that they would wipe Israel off the MAP. mahmoud_ahmadinejad1

It is nothing new that the majority of Middle Eastern countries hate Israel, Jews, & Christians

But the BIG question is…

why is Iran being allowed to create a Nuclear Arsenal when it was once ‘throttled’ by the economic sanctions put in place?

I personally believe that Iran is being allowed to build its Nuclear Arsenal with the very intent that it has had from the beginning… to DESTROY the nation of Israel.

So, are the other countries so naive as to think that Iran REALLY wants to build a Nuclear Arsenal for Peaceful purposes?

I don’t think so. 

But in fact, I believe there is a secret agenda being promoted by this.

With the United States being almost $20 Trillion in national debt, It does not take a Rocket Scientist to realize that another world war could financially Bankrupt America.

But Could that possibly be the underlying goal?


Israeli Prime Minister has already made it clear that the Nation of Israel will not tolerate Iran attaining Nuclear capabilities… despite of the “Deal” that was struck in Geneva on Sunday.

It is apparent that Israel is Not, and never will be in Favor of such an agreement.

Though this may seem a little closed minded, this is actually understandable due to the fact that It is Israel that has the most to lose from a Nuclear Armed Iran.

With Israel being such a small nation, ONE well-planned Nuclear Strike by Iran could be the last.

So Israel has no hope of survival EXCEPT for a preemptive strike.

Yuval Steinitz, Minister of strategic & intelligence affairs is quoted…

“Israel cannot participate in the international celebration, which is based on Iranian deception and the world self-delusion,”


It is almost unthinkable that The Obama Administration would lobby for the ease of sanctions on Iran giving the Iranian track-record of Terror Attacks and Violence towards Christians, Israel, & Jews.

But Will Israel be pressured by the Nations to “Give Up” some of its land in exchange for Peace and Security?

Could the world be allowing Iran to build its Nuclear Arsenal simply to FORCE Israel into the Peace-Agreement mentioned in the book of Daniel regarding the end-times and the Antichrist?

Only time will tell!

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