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Gen. Jack Keane: America Losing Battle Against ISIS [VIDEO]

General Keane: ‘We are losing this War’

I remember when the Islamic State (ISIS) was just a group of local ‘punks’.

Having nothing more than a couple hundred members and less money than Hollywood’s finest super-star, they could have easily been dealt with by the Obama Administration.

Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

ISIS is now an international coalition with tens of thousands of fighters waging jihad in the middle-east.

As reported by NBC News:

“President Barack Obama said in an interview published Thursday that “I don’t think we’re losing” to ISIS, despite its capture of an Iraqi city last week and renewed questions about the state of the Iraqi military.”

“His interview with The Atlantic was published hours after ISIS claimed to have captured the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, a victory that one monitoring group said gave ISIS control of half the country.”

In addition, thousands of fighters are pouring in from all over the world to join the Islamic movement (including Americans).

As if that were not enough, ISIS has now accumulated tens of millions of dollars in addition to the funds it receives from selling oil, taxing, and selling 12 year old Christian girls as sex slaves to 40 year old men.

Now ISIS has access to more than enough money to finance it’s operations, exporting it’s terror to every major nation on the planet. The truth is, ISIS is now a well-oiled ‘decapitating’ machine if there ever was such a thing.


But lets rewind the tape for a moment, When informed 2 years ago about this growing threat, President Obama not only underestimated the true potential of this religiously motivated cult, but he refused to take sufficient action to stop it.

However, as ISIS began to metastasize, people in the President’s top security staff (such as General Dempsey) began to warn that ISIS was rapidly growing in size and influence and is a threat that must be dealt with before it spirals out of control.

The President STILL didn’t listen.

Despite the sound advice from his military advisers, President Obama extracted all American soldiers from Iraq and left the Iraqi people and the weakened Iraqi army to fend for themselves.

As a result, ISIS defeated the Iraqi army and took over Iraq. From there it began rampaging through the middle-east like the Devil himself, leaving nothing but smoke, wreckage, and hordes of dead Christians (and opposing Muslims )

And what was the President’s response?

“It is not my fault”

But now that the entire world is in agreement that the Islamic movement is definitely a serious threat, the President can no longer deny the fact.

Yet even though he has finally put down his golf-clubs long enough to actually do SOMETHING (rather than nothing), he is now doing the bare MINIMUM to stop them.


Now we are watching as ISIS gobbles up large swaths of Syria, making its way towards Damascus and eventually (if left unchecked) to the borders of Israel.

However the saddest part?

It is as if America, our allies, and our soldiers are being setup to fail.

crucifyYeah, President Obama sends a few drones. Drops a few bombs on empty buildings. Guesses that he killed some ‘Top General’ in the ISIS militia. And then smiles for the Camera.

All the while ISIS continues to grow and gobble up more land, killing everyone who opposes while crucifying Christians (literally).

Yet there are some who are crazy enough to believe that he is actually stopping them.

Even more so, there are others who believe that he WANTS to stop them, but he is just too incompetent to come up with an effective strategy.

I would argue that both of these positions are ridiculously naive.

Time and time again, we have heard the President say in regards to ISIS:

“We will degrade and ultimately destroy”

But what does that even mean?

Degrade? How does this solve the problem? Does the President want us to send out an embarrassing photograph of ISIS at a Christmas Party picking their noses?

Ultimately Destroy? This is just a fancy way of saying ‘Eventually we will stop them… Just not right now’

… But why not now? what is the delay?

Islamic Movement: Global Domination

The goal of the Islamic State (ISIS) is 3-fold

  1. Unify all Islamic Nations (takeover mid-east)
  2. Defeat America (most powerful opposing force)
  3. Take Over World (implement sharia world-wide)

Unfortunately, with every passing day it appears that ISIS gets one step closer to accomplishing the 1st step in the 3-fold plan.

Yet under the Leadership of Barack Obama, The most powerful nation on Earth is literally standing by as the AX to decapitate ‘World Peace’ is being sharpened.


However the saddest part is that although innocent people were being brutally slaughtered, Americans were CONTENT with the fact that there was no threat being posed to America (at that time). But now we are witnessing the growth of radical Islam in our own country.

How far has America fallen as a nation that we can stand by and watch thousands upon thousands of innocent people (men, women, children) be slaughtered in cold blood and say … “It’s not our Problem”

How morally bankrupt have we become that we can watch innocent people (even fellow Americans) be decapitated on National TV by ISIS because of their race or religious beliefs…. and look the other way?

What happened to the America that fought for Justice?

What happened to the America that would defend the Weak, even when they couldn’t defend themselves?

What happened to the America that knew that an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere?

I guess when we kicked God out of our Nation, we kicked out THAT America as well.



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