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Joel Rosenberg: “The Bible tells us the future of Israel, Not America.”

June 1, 2015


The Future of America:

While addressing several hundred pastors from 43 states at the “Watchmen on the Wall Conference”, Best selling author and communication specialist Joel C. Rosenberg gave a speech where he presented a thought-provoking Question.

To sum it up, “Will America be Here 100 years from now?”

Rosenberg points out that although the Bible tells us the end result of Israel and how it will be restored to a great world power in the last days, it does not however tell us the end result of the land we now know as ‘America’.

And this is remarkably interesting in that today, it seems that we are witnessing a notable decline not just in American strength — but also in American morality.

As a result, the entire world is becoming a very unstable place.

In addition, America’s enemies are strengthening themselves while America (under poor leadership) is weakening herself. Truth be told, it is as if it were ‘by design’.

Although Rosenberg outlined many points in his speech, here are the Highlights: (Watch Full Video)

“The Bible tells us the future of Israel. The Bible does not tell us the future of America. Not clearly. Not precisely.

“Bible prophecy tells us that Israel will be reborn as a geopolitical nation-state in the last days of history. It tells us that Jews will return to the Holy Land from exile all over the world in the last days of history, and that Jews will rebuild the ancient ruins in the land of Israel. The Bible tells us that God is in the process of reviving and redeeming and rescuing Israel, and that one day the Lord Jesus Christ will come back to Israel and reign over the entire world from Jerusalem.

“The Scriptures, however, are not so clear about the future of America. And this is what concerns me. Today, America is in not simply in a season of decline. We are heading for implosion. After killing 57 million babies, we are heading for judgment. Could God pour out His Holy Spirit on America to rescue and redeem us? Could He give us another Great Awakening? Could He forestall judgment and revive our nation one more time? He could. He did it in the 1700s. He did it in the 1800s. And I pray He will do it again. But we must be honest: He may not.

“This is America’s most dangerous hour. We need to pray for repentance and revival. We need to plead for the Lord to grant us a Great Awakening. We need to humble ourselves before the Lord and pray and fast. But we also need to understand that if on top of all our other national sins and challenges our government turns against Israel and the Jewish people, we will seal our fate and judgment will come once and for all.”

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  • Martin Smith

    The writing has been on the wall for
    some time now !! America no longer
    is “one nation under GOD” no longer
    values righteousness and truth. The
    foundations are crumbling and this
    once great nation headed for judgment
    and ruin !*!