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John McAfee exposes Android | Is your Smart Phone Spying on You?

May 13, 2014

droid-nsaThe NSA’s Secret Invasion:

Not long ago, we wrote a post detailing exactly how the NSA (National Security Agency) had infiltrated major companies and industries in order to gather mass information on users (spying). The companies that were infiltrated were companies such as android, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook (among many others).

But unfortunately this rabbit hole goes deeper than originally suspected. It turns out that not only were these companies infiltrated for their data, but they could now be used to gather as much data as the government deems necessary.

JohnOn The Record:

John McAfee, The creator of McAfee Internet Security recently went on record regarding the malicious tactics being used within many of these tools in order to gather “metadata” (information) on all those who use these tools.

McAfee explicitly pointed out that the Google Apps within the Android system was being used to gather extremely person information on all of its users. When Android Users download an Application, before you can install it on your android system you must first accept their “Terms and Conditions”.

These documents can be as long as 100-pages of small and boring content — Therefore it goes without saying that 98% of users don’t bother reading them. But it is within this document that they have tucked away and hidden the Secret “Permissions” that you grant them by downloading the app.

The Secret Agreement:

Not only can many of these apps read and Store even your Deleted Text Messages, some can also do the following (Without Permission)….

  • Turn on/off your Webcam
  • Send/Delete SMS messages (text messages)
  • Alter Your Phone Settings (such as turn on or off your Location Tracking)
  • Pinpoint your Precise Location (without permission)
  • Make Phones calls (without permission)
  • Read and Capture/Delete your Emails
  • Modify Your Internet Connection
  • View/Capture Your Contacts
  • Add/Remove Your Contacts
  • Access your Camera
  • Take Screenshots
  • Record Audio

And the list from above is the information that is being taken in from only ONE android app!

So imagine how much information is being retrieved from people who have over 100 applications. It goes without saying that anyone would get worried if they knew that someone other than them had this type of power and control over their personal and private data. So often, we give permissions to these apps without really considering exactly what we have agreed to!

Nothing to Hide:

Some people argue that why should they be afraid to allow the government to read, access or store their private data when they have nothing to hide? But imagine if you are in a room filled with 100 people, and someone asks you…

would it be okay if we passed around your phone to everyone in the room so that we can read your text messages and check your phone’s call history? —

Most people would NOT agree to do this, so why then do we seem to not care when the government not only does this — But also Records every phone conversation, Message, and Email that we send?

When Agreeing gets Dangerous:

When I think of this, I am often reminded of a particular show I used to watch as a kid — South Park. Though the show may contain inappropriate content and sometimes crude humor — there was one fundamental message in one of the episodes that I must agree with.

In one particular episode, Kyle (a main character) agreed to the TAC (Terms and Conditions) of Itunes without reading them. Kyle later ended up trapped and chained in a Dungeon with 2 other people — Why? Because he agreed to it within the TAC. Below is a Short Video Clip.


apple-androidThe Wrong Solution:

Some people may be thinking that Android is simply to nosey, so to solve the problem — they will simply switch to using Apple instead.

This would solve absolutely nothing, like Google, Apple too has been compromised. Therefore even with the latest iPhone– your information is no safer.

Identifying The Problem:

The only way that a problem can be solved — Is if the problem is first Identified. The problem is not the Android, nor is it Google. It is the surveillance-state that has emerged within America that is the problem.

Google had no other choice, they were virtually hog-tied when the NSA demanded that it surrender its Data. Therefore under the guise of National Security — The NSA received a Free ticket not just into your home, but into your personal Life.

John McAfee was one of the first to begin blowing the Whistle about what was really going on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, he has been attacked on multiple fronts for exposing the mass collection of private data been initiated by those seeking to gain insight into the personal lives of Millions of citizens.

Spotting the Spies – the McAfee solution:

As a response to the mass spying taking place — McAfee recently release a FREE android

application that tells you exactly which apps are accessing your private data, Webcams, Phone-Calls, Etc.
(Short Video Clip)

The name of this powerful Anti-Surveillance App is Dcentral. 

This app simply scans every app on your phone and then tells you exactly what each of those apps dcentralare doing that is violating your personal privacy. You can then not only see what the app has permission to do – You can even uninstall those apps that violate too much of your privacy.

The purpose of this app is to give you (the user) complete knowledge on what your applications are doing and to help make a conscious decision to keep the app even though it may be violating your personal privacy.

I recently ran the application on my personal android phone And I was stunned to see the permissions that I had granted many of these apps without even being aware of it!

What permissions have you granted within your smartphone?



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