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KENYA: Militants raid University, Christians ‘Shot on Sight’ [VIDEO]

Convert to Islam, Or Die?

According to sources, at least 147 people were killed and a few dozen were seriously injured last Thursday after Al-Shabab gunmen launched an assault against Garissa University College in eastern Kenya.

The Islamic militants reportedly raided the school and began forcing the students to quote popular scriptures found within the Qur’an.

All students who professed to be Christians or didn’t know the Qur’an well enough were shot and killed.

As reported by CBN

“The rampage began at around 5:30 a.m. when gunmen stormed the campus dormitories shooting indiscriminately at first, and then targeting Christians specifically.

According to a witness, the gunmen started asking if those hiding in the rooms were Muslim or Christian.

“If you were a Christian, you were shot on the spot,” Collins Wetangula, vice chairman of the university’s student union, recalled.

He and three roommates locked themselves in their room when they heard the gunfire.

“All I could hear were footsteps and gunshots. Nobody was screaming because they thought this would lead the gunmen to know where they are,” Wetangula told The Associated Press.

“With each blast of the gun, I thought I was going to die,” he said.

Kenyan security forces arrived, killing four of the gunmen and freeing dozens of hostages.

Thursday’s attack was the deadliest by the jihadist group on Kenyan soil. At least 312 people have been killed in Al-Shabaab attacks in Kenya from 2012 to 2014.”



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