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Life Without Christ

October 15, 2013


A Life without Christ is Like this box…

when I was growing up,
I was no different from the average teenager.missing

I noticed a void in my life, and I began searching for something big enough to FILL it.


Happiness Attempt #1 ( Money )

Money – I thought the reason why I was unhappy was because I simply didn’t job_searchhave enough money to be happy. So what did I do? I got a Job.

I started working around my 9th grade year, and I must admit…

It felt pretty awesome to have a little extra cash in my pocket every week to Splurge on useless trinkets.

I was HAPPY!

….. for a while.


It wasn’t long until I actually started PAYING some of my co-workers to cover a few of my Shifts on days where I simply…. just didn’t feel like going.

So here I was,

GIVING away the ONE commodity that I THOUGHT would truly make me happy just to save another… Time.


after working from about the 9th grade to the 12th,

I began to get sick of going to work day-after-day….

after all… I was only a KID!

“Surely a Kid shouldn’t be spending ALL of his free-time going to a Job that he hates!”

I thought.

“Kids should be having FUN!” ( which led me to attempt #2 )


Happiness Attempt #2 ( Fun )

Fun After working for 3years of my young-adult life,
I decided that money was not the reason why I was unsatisfied with my Life.

The reason why I was unsatisfied was because I wasn’t having Fun.

So around the end of my 12th grade year, I Quit my Job.
I now had a NEW objective, called Fun.

So after Quitting,
I vowed to focus my freshman year in college on ONE concept
Having Fun.

So once I moved on campus,
I began to make friends relatively quickly ( I’m friendly by nature ).

And sure enough, I quickly began to be invited to parties and other gatherings.

Side-Note: I’ve never been a “Party” guy, but because it was my freshman year in college, I decided to give it a shot.


And I really enjoyed myself!

… for a while.


But after quite a few of those experiences ( shortened of brevity’s sake )

I began to sense that void again, which led me to attempt #3


Happiness Attempt #3: ( Relationships )


So, as I had done with the previous two attempts…

I hotly began to pursue my NEWEST desire


because Money was not fully satisfying, and because Fun was not fully satisfying… I decided that the missing ingredient was a lady-friend.


Part 2: “The Lady-friends”

( Note: These names are fabricated )

  1. Susan
  2. Kari
  3. Shana
  4. Others


after meeting Susan, I deduced that she was a pretty “Fun” person.
We would hang out, watch movies, go out…. and have fun!

But for some reason, It just didn’t FILL the void.

So immediately I asked myself… Why isn’t this working?

and immediately, I came to th conclusion: It MUST be Susan.


Now after Susan, I met Kari.

Kari & Susan were very different.

Kari was a very nice girl, so I decided that It wouldn’t hurt to get to know her for a while!

So after a few weeks of talking to Kari, I noticed that she was very Sweet and Quiet…

But a little TOO quiet.

We would talk and there would be that “Awkward Silence” that we all know and hate so much.

That QUICKLY got old, and I found myself laying in my dorm and asking myself….

Why isn’t THIS working?

and I came to the conclusion: We don’t have enough in common, thats why it didn’t work.

( Are you Noticing a Pattern? )

So after Susan, and after Kari  then there was….


Shana was quite different from the other two but similar in certain ways.

She was a pretty girl with a good sense of humor, So I was almost convinced that this one WOULD work.

SURELY she would FILL the void.

…. wrong again.

After knowing Shana for a while, we began to argue quite often.

actually, we rarely ever agreed on ANYTHING.



So after repeating that cycle over-and over-and over,

and after numerous failed attempts

I began to search the universe for the missing element that I just could seem to grasp.


It wasn’t until MUCH later that I figured out WHAT it was exactly!
The Element that I was missing
The element that I could never find in PEOPLE or in THINGS

What was the missing-Element?

it was GOD.


When God created mankind,

he left a God-Sized void… that only HE can

People recognize this void at an early age, and immediately they start seeking for ways to fill it…

  • Money
  • Fame
  • Drugs
  • Pleasure

But no matter how hard they try,
no matter how hard they search….

they can never FULLY fill the Void because it simply can’t be filled without GOD.


many people spend their entire lives chasing useless things that will never give them True happiness

But the answer that they are really searching for is right before their eyes
but its so apparent that most people overlook it….

The answer is… GOD 🙂

( To the Reader: )

  • Have You ever experienced anything like this?
  • Are you experiencing it Now?
  • What advice would You give to someone experiencing a similar situation?


Founder at DeonVsEarth
Deon is a Thought-Leader, Philosopher, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Internet marketer, and Social-Media extraordinaire.

After spending years studying the inner workings of the Cyber world, Deon has been given many titles as a direct result of his expertise on a wide array of platforms -- both online and off.

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However, the only title he actually values is... "Christian"