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MARCO RUBIO: ‘Don’t Boycott Netanyahu’s speech, Israel deserves our Support’ [VIDEO]

February 26, 2015

Netanyahu to address Congress

netanyahu-congress5 days before The Prime Minister of Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu) is set to come to America and address a joint-session of congress in what is being called “the most important address by an Israeli leader in the history of the Jewish state”

— tensions continue to rise between the supporters of Netanyahu’s visit and the opposers

President Obama is one of those opposers. (Big surprise, right?)

The Israeli leader is coming to America in order to encourage Congress NOT to prolong President Obama’s [failed] Nuclear talks with Iran — Instead Netanyahu (and most conservatives) believe that it is now time to regenerate the sanctions against the country.

President Obama has had more than enough time to strike a reasonable agreement with Iran if it were possible — however, every second that Iran has to build its nuclear stockpile — Israel is one second closer to the possibly being Nuked.

Although it is quite apparent that The President was very displeased with Netanyahu’s unexpected visit, rumor has it that he turned it into a political issue by sending out ‘letters’ to his supporters in the Democratic party that essentially asked them all to skip Netanyahu’s speech on Tuesday.

Several Democrats (Including Joe Biden) complied.

In the upcoming video, Senator Marco Rubio (R) addresses his colleagues and explains why we should not turn our back on a life-long ally such as Israel overpolitical differences.




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