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MEEKE ADDISON: ‘Sexual orientation NOT EQUAL to Racial Discrimination’

Meeke Speaks Out on Same-sex ruling:

meeke-addisonChristian Activist and Radio Personality Meeke Addison is speaking out against the Supreme-Court ruling that upheld same-sex ‘marriage’ last Tuesday.

The ruling concluded that marriage is a Constitutional Right for all Americans and therefore must be permitted nation-wide regardless of gender.

Although very kind, Meeke is not shy when it comes to voicing her opinions. However she is even more vocal when it comes to sharing her faith.

As reported by the LA-times:

“Addison is a 36-year-old black woman. She is not a preacher or a politician. Her views are as hard-line as theirs, and her words can be as harsh, but her voice is honey smooth, whether she is speaking on her weekday radio show, “Airing the Addisons,” on a Christian-based network, or speaking on behalf of the American Family Assn., a national Christian group based in Tupelo.”

Also adding:

“In a state where 86% of voters cast ballots for a ban on gay weddings in 2004, and where opposition is fierce to last week’s Supreme Court ruling declaring same-sex marriage a constitutional right, Meeke Addison stands out from the fire-and-brimstone preachers and politicians usually associated with the fight against gay marriage.

Her view of marriage came from divorce. It was her mother’s divorce, and according to family lore, it came after Addison’s father handed his wife a pearl-handled pistol, told her to use it on anyone who tried to break into their apartment, and walked out.

Despite being left with five children to raise, Addison said, her mother trumpeted the value of marriage and instilled in her a passion for the institution that has turned Addison into one of Mississippi’s most vocal opponents of same-sex marriage.”

Civil Rights: Where do we draw the Line?


Although there has been much controversy on the subject, Meeke mentioned that one of the things that most upsets her about the subject is the fact that certain people have equated the struggle of prominent figures like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (who fought for civil rights) to the Present-day struggle of the LGBT community.

“I’m a black woman, so when I think of a civil right and the fight for freedom, it kind of strikes a chord for me that your sexual preference is not equal to the color of my skin, an immutable characteristic,”

“It’s offensive, just that what you want to do in your bedroom is the same thing as the color of my skin and who I am.”

As she elaborated, she clarified that she could not speak for all African Americans in general and that these were essentially her beliefs — However she was confident in stating that she simply could not support something that the The Word of God (The Bible) expressly forbids.

“When you come across passages that condemn homosexuality, you don’t dispute that,” said Addison.

She continued:

“It is never supported biblically, so for a Christian to say they are a Christian and they are also homosexual … if you go according to Scriptures, they’re mutually exclusive.”

“We could be entering a time where the fire could be turned up under the feet of Christians, and I don’t mean that in a good way,” Addison told listeners on one of her recent shows as she awaited the Supreme Court decision.

Meeke pointed to the Christian Florist who was sued and found guilty for refusing to service a same-sex couple’s marriage for religious reasons and suggested that this could just be the beginning of Christian persecution.

“I think each case will present an opportunity for the Christians to learn whether or not they’re going to really be able to live according to their convictions,” she stated.


“I think we’re going to have to wait and see how that plays out.”

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