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Children forced to write “Muslim Faith Stronger than Christian” [VIDEO]

November 13, 2014

union-county(Union County, North Carolina) — The mother of a Porter Ridge High-school freshman was outraged when she discovered that her son was forced to complete an assignment that violated their faith by implying that Muslims have religious beliefs that are stronger than Christians.

The mother (who asked to remain anonymous) showed WJZY-TV the worksheet which seemed to be raddled with sympathetic and biased statements exalting Muslims and Islam, but the sentence that bothered her the most stated the following…

“Most Muslims Faith is Stronger than the average Christian.”

The Islamic history worksheet was setup in a fill-in-the-blank fashion in which students were instructed and expected to complete the sentence based on the information being taught in the class.

According to the mother, her son completed the assignment based on the textbook answers and received a grade of 100%.

After her son showed her the work that he had to complete in the class, the mother contacted WJZY MyFox Carolinas and reported the homework assignment to be what she considered an attempt to indoctrinate students into the Muslim faith.

According to WJZY, the mother contacted the school district to see if Christianity would be taught in the same manner that Islam was being taught at the school — she received no response.

Islam: The Indoctrination of a Nation

This is just one of many instances in which we see that America has been infiltrated by the Islamic Agenda which intends to alter America from within.

Isn’t it ironic how religious tolerance is taught in America, yet if fly over to Iran you will never hear about them teaching Christianity in their schools?

In fact, it is illegal to preach Christianity in certain middle eastern countries.

Yet we allow our children to be indoctrinated with an ideology that is contrary to American values.


In another blog post, we explained how Cultural Jihad is being used to fundamentally change America.

In the following Video, Brigitte Gabriel takes it one step further and offers her expertise on the cultural warfare being used to quietly overthrow America from within.

Listen as she shares her unique and heart-warming story

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