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REPORT: After GOP Debate, IRAN claims NEXT U.S. President Cannot undo Nuke Deal

August 13, 2015


IRAN: The Deal is Final

If any of you caught the GOP Presidential debate, you undoubtedly heard a majority of the candidates speak about the Nuke deal that the President reached with Iran that will essentially leave then with a Nuclear payload in less than 10 years.

Most of the candidates made known that should they be elected President of the United States, they would quickly undo President Obama’s executive orders in addition to his deal with Iran — However after hearing their remarks, the Iranian regime claims that there is a special part of the deal that not only lifts sanctions against the Nation, but prevents sanctions from being placed on them ever again.

As reported by Algemeiner

“A senior Iranian official claimed that the nuclear deal agreed last month between world powers and Iran can’t be rescinded by a future U.S. president, semi-official state news agency Fars reported on Sunday.

“There is a paragraph in the agreement which requires the U.S. administration to stop implementation of the sanctions [against Iran] permanently and this means that there won’t be a change once [U.S. President Barack] Obama leaves the office,” Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Majid Takht-Ravanchi said, addressing a meeting held in Tehran on Sunday to study the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Takht-Ravanchi’s comments come after some candidates for the 2016 U.S. presidential elections pledged to discard the JCPOA if they were to win. The comments were reiterated during a Republican Party primary debate hosted by Fox News on Thursday night.

On Sunday, Takht-Ravanchi also said that he did not foresee any of the countries party to the agreement backing away from the deal, and asserted that it would be a strategic mistake for the United States to do so, since it would pit Washington against the United Nations and isolate the U.S. internationally.”

Obama’s Third Term?

When President Obama was first re-elected in 2012, I would constantly be amazed each time he took some unprecedented action that over-stepped his Presidential authority — However these days I am more shocked that the American people continue to tolerate it.

If this claim made by the Iranian regime is accurate (which I believe that it is), this would mean that President Obama has attempted to broker a “Permanent” deal on behalf of the United States which is completely beyond his presidential authority.

… What is happening to America?

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