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REPORT: Iraqis think POTUS ‘Helping’ Islamic State


IRAQ: Soldiers think POTUS Helping Islamic State?

Pretty much all that is in the news these days is pertaining to the “War on ISIS”.

Despite conflicting reports from his military analysts and commanders, President Obama continues to insist that ISIS is a “contained” threat — However there are 100+ dead French citizens who I am sure would disagree following the massive terror-attack in Paris not long ago.

However an article was published by the Washington Post that has confirmed a long-time suspicion of mine. Is it even remotely possible, that the United States (specifically the Obama Administration) is helping the Islamic State (ISIS)?

Trust me, I know it sounds crazy… But keep reading.

As reported by the Washington Post:

“BAIJI, Iraq — On the front lines of the battle against the Islamic State, suspicion of the United States runs deep. Iraqi fighters say they have all seen the videos purportedly showing U.S. helicopters airdropping weapons to the militants, and many claim they have friends and relatives who have witnessed similar instances of collusion.”

The article continues:

“Ordinary people also have seen the videos, heard the stories and reached the same conclusion — one that might seem absurd to Americans but is widely believed among Iraqis — that the United States is supporting the Islamic State for a variety of pernicious reasons […].”

Mustafa Saadi, The commander of one of the Shiite militias, is convinced that for some unknown reason, the United States is assisting the Islamic State. When addressing whether it was possible for the US to be assisting ISIS, he responded “It is not in doubt”, stating that his friend witnessed a barrage of U.S. Helicopters delivering bottled water to locations that have long been ISIS strongholds.

The Islamic State is “almost finished,” he said. “They are weak. If only America would stop supporting them, we could defeat them in days.”


VIDEOS: ISIS receiving US Aid?

As the article suggests, countless videos have ‘cropped up’ all over the web that shows ISIS [allegedly] receiving support from the United States.

Here are 2 of these videos:

However what is even more surprising is that ISIS is getting a large bulk of it’s weapons and equipment from the United States. However when discovered, the Pentagon often writes it off as an “accident”.

As reported by NBC:

“The Pentagon admitted on Wednesday that one of the airdrops of weapons intended for Kurds in the besieged Syrian town of Kobani almost certainly ended up in the hands of the Islamic State (Isis) fighters.

The Pentagon blamed the wind for possibly blowing the supplies off course and argued that one cache was not enough to make a significant difference to Isis.”

While the facts surrounding the latest video’s claims have yet to be confirmed, declassified 2012 Pentagon documents that were recently uncovered by a U.S. Political watchdog group revealed that the Pentagon purposely aligned itself with Iraqi terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, in an attempt to topple the Syrian government.




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