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Nickelodeon: indoctrinated 1990s Generation to accept “Prometheus” Theory

prometheusHey guys, Deon Here.

While surfing online I stumbled into a cartoon that I watched as a kid named “Prometheus and Bob”.

If you were a kid in the 1990s — you probably grew up with this cartoon as well (along with several others).

But for those unfamiliar with the cartoon, “Prometheus and Bob” was apart of an American animated sketch comedy known as KaBlam! that ran on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2000.

The show is about an Alien, a Caveman, and a monkey (amongst other animals).

The Alien comes to earth and attempts to educate the caveman in a wide array of subjects in order to help him survive and ‘Evolve’ as an intelligent being.

However, through a series of funny mishaps, the Alien often ends up getting himself hurt in the process.

Check out this 2 minute episode:

Prometheus and Bob: Evolution?

As I kid a seriously loved this show, However I was unaware of the subtle indoctrination that was taking place until literally, today (nearly 20 years later).

But before going any further, its important to understand that The ‘Prometheus’ theory (aka the Alien astronaut Theory) asserts that hundreds of thousands of years ago, aliens visited planet earth and contributed to (if not caused) the evolution of microbial specimens that would later evolve into humans and every other living organism.

Essentially, this theory says that Aliens are the ‘Fathers’ of humanity (not God).

But returning to the subject of this post, lets examine the opening introduction for the show…

“900,000 years ago an alien video-taped his attempts to educate a cave-man, The ‘Prometheus and Bob’ tapes”

Although it is very subtle, this 5 second narrative completely undermines the entire account of Creation outlined in the Bible.

Firstly, according to the Bible the earth is not nearly that old. In fact it is relatively young (less than 6,000 years).

The ‘Old Earth’ doctrine is usually used by Darwinians to support the concept of Evolution while simultaneously rejecting the premise of Creation. They assert that because evolution is such a complex process, the earth must be extremely old.



Prometheus and Bob: Our ‘Alien’ Saviors?

prometheus1The second point of the Indoctrination is the fact that it implies that the survival of the human species can only be accredited to extra-terrestrial beings who came to earth and helped us ‘Evolve’ into intelligent beings. (Not God, who created us with natural intelligence)

Although Bob is not completely brain-dead, he struggles with even rudimentary skills such as speaking and comprehending instruction — throughout each episode he just babbles like a baby. In fact the Monkey displays more intelligence than Bob.

However when we compare this narrative to the Biblical account of creation (Genesis 2:15-20), we see that not only was Adam made in the likeness of God, but he was able to walk, talk, converse, understand instruction, and name all of the animals — All on the first Day!

From the Biblical account of Creation, we can clearly see that even the very first human (Adam) was very intelligent — not some blubbering buffoon (as Bob is portrayed).

Prometheus giving Bob ‘Alien’ Knowledge?

Here is another play stolen from the “Prometheus” theory, the idea that states that Aliens gave mankind extra-terrestrial knowledge. (Learn More)

In each episode, Prometheus (the alien) always attempts to help Bob learn some fundamental skill that could help him improve the quality of his life.

Although only one clip was shown above, there are multiple episodes where Prometheus attempts to teach Bob some skill or craft — Here are just 10.

  • Clothing (Covering Nakedness) – [Tape #4]
  • Building a Bridge (Problem-Solving) – [Tape #1]
  • Music (Artistry) – [Tape #2]
  • Fishing (Finding Food) – [Tape #6]
  • Cooking (Preparing Food) – [Tape #3]
  • Construction (Architecture) – [Tape #16]
  • Making Wheel (Innovation) – [Tape #10]
  • Trapping (Hunting) – [Tape #11]
  • Spear (War) – [Tape #12]
  • Dating (Courtship) – [Tape #25]

Another interesting thing note is that in Greek Mythology, ‘Prometheus’ was a Titan who allegedly brought fire to mankind and taught them to use it skillfully.

(Sounds familiar right?)

But anyway — Although very funny, these were some preconceived notions that the show taught to its viewers (mostly children) about History and Creation that simply are not true (from a Christian’s standpoint)


Prometheus and Bob: Covering Nakedness?

Here is something interesting that I noted.

In Tape #4, Prometheus teaches Bob how to ‘Cover’ himself (as not to reveal his nakedness).

In an interesting parallel, when we look in the Book of Genesis — We can learn of another ‘being’ that caused mankind to discover his nakedness. It was the Serpent (Satan).

The Bible tells us that when Satan deceived Adam and Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, both of their eyes were ‘opened’ and they discovered their Nakedness and were ashamed.

(Genesis 3:7 KJV)  “And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.”

Nickelodeon: Indoctrinating the Youth

nickAdolph Hitler once said that whoever owns the Youth, gains the future. This is exactly why he placed so much effort into indoctrinating the children in Nazi Germany during his rule.

The same thing continues even today.

On multiple occasions, Nickelodeon has been caught attempting to indoctrinate its child audience. (Learn More)

One can only conclude that it is being used as a tool to continue the fascist indoctrination first made popular by Adolf Hitler. But are future generations being prepared to accept the “Prometheus” doctrine as well as an ‘Alien’ Savior?



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  • Glen Holmgren

    Interesting stuff Deon. by the way, just wondering what: “Deon is a …. and Social-Media extraordinaire.” means? Social media ______ … what? Surfer? Analyst? Tycoon? Guru? Master? Expert? “Social Media” itself does not describe a person or their attributes. Just saying. Otherwise, Great research and synthesis of ideas and sources to draw your conclusions and questions. Keep it coming. Peace Bro. Glen

  • Tamas Kalman

    for god sake, it was just a cartoon. no indoctrination here. just fun. it’s just plays on the popular fictional idea which was very widely known about aliens. it was a fun show, that’s it.