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NSA Surveillance | Facebook, Twitter, Google | Privacy’s Extinction

November 5, 2013

Lately there has been a dramatic increase in complaints regarding the National Security Agency (NSA) and their Surveillance Program.

The NSA indeed has a far-reaching grasp on all of our private Information,

but just how many Americans fully understand the EXTENT of the information being secretly extracted from them by the NSA?

My Guess? Less than 15%.

Though technological advances have indeed made a positive impact on each of our daily lives,

We can not deny that in such a Technological ERA, The concept of “Privacy” is fading away at the speed of Light.

At one point in American History, The only  “Spying” being conducted by the United States was on Foreign countries.

But not just ANY foreign Country, only those countries that posed a threat to world-wide American Interest, such as “Terrorists”.

but as we have seen from “Whistle Blowers” like Edward Snowden,

The NSA’s surveillance program is greatly expanding and is now secretly gathering information from American Citizens ( Which is Unconstitutional )

List of Data being Collected By the NSA:

  1. Call History
  2. Phone & Internet Access
  3. Text Messages
  4. Email Messages

List Of Companies Infiltrated by the NSA:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Yahoo
  4. Skype
  5. Apple
  6. Microsoft

Some may say, “Thats Nothing”

But these four categories encompasses virtually ALL areas of Communication!

So for those Teens who are sending Inappropriate pictures online, just because you may have deleted them, don’t think that the NSA can’t un-delete them!

And For those Adults who are Cheating on their spouses, don’t think you have covered your tracks by deleting your call/text history!

The NSA has literally embedded itself in every form of communication, and it is storing all of this information as what it calls “Metadata“.

Whistle Blower Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA infiltrated Major Companies like Google and Facebook and is currently using their influence to compile massive Data Profiles regarding each of its users.

Making “Anonymity”, a thing of the past.

Snowden revealed that not only are these companies in league with the NSA‘s Sureveilance Program,

but they are also secretly distributing Facial Images to help aid the NSA‘s Facial Recognition Programs!
Though there are some positive aspects regarding the NSA‘s surveillance program, we must not deny the blatant invasion of American Privacy!



I was having troubles with my Cell Phone.

It would shut-off randomly, It would not Charge, and it constantly Crashed.

So Eventually I got sick of dealing with it and just decided to buy another.

But while waiting to get a NEW one, I ended up purchasing a prepaid android phone from

the popular Network known as “Straight Talk”.


( Remember that Google OWNS all Android operating systems )

So once I started setting up the phone, Google-Play store asked for my Email Address
( Nothing Unusual )

So I entered My Email Address, No Big Deal.

As I continued, The Android asked If it could use my Location to “Improve Services
( uhh… No Thanks )

So I Decline & Continue.
( The Phone is a Galaxy Centura )

So once I  had successfully setup the BASICS,

I then download the Popular “Facebook Messenger” application. Nothing Unusual Right?

After Sending A Message, My friend asks me about my Location

It turns out that Facebook AUTOMATICALLY publicized my location in the message.( a part of their NEW TOS, they automatically collect Geographical information )

So I quickly delete the Facebook Messenger Application and continue setting up the temporary phone.

So as I try to add a few of my most important contacts to the phone, I see the image Below…


For those who don’t understand its significance, Let me Explain….

When storing Contact information on your phone, you usually have several options..

  1. You can store it on your phone ONLY
  2. You can synchronize it to your Google Account

But in the image above, their is only ONE option available

The only way I can store a number in my contacts is to SYNC it to my Google Email (G-mail) Account.

Now I am sure that their are some people who still don’t understand the significance so let me explain a bit more…google

Google Dominates the Web, and the only way you can use ANY of their Services is if you create an account with them.

Popular Google Services:

  1. Youtube ( Click Here )
  2. Google + ( Click Here )
  3. Google Adwords ( Click Here )
  4. Google Analytics ( Click Here )
  5. Google Adsense ( Click Here )
  6. Google Earth ( Click Here )
  7. Google Groups ( Click Here )
  8. Google Trends ( Click Here )
  9. Android ( Click Here )
  10. Google Play Store ( Click Here )

These are just a FEW of many! You can Find More Google Services online.

But to continue,
The ONLY way that I could add contacts to my phone is by SYNC’ing them to my Gmail account which is TIED to all of my other Google Services!

For Example:

If I created an Anonymous Youtube Account, They could trace my youtube account to the PHONE that the account is sync’d to!

Therefore the Account is not REALLY anonymous.

So now that they know what phone is sync’d with the email, they can simply get the AREA-CODE of the phone that I am using and trace it back to my primary Location!

Example #2:

For those of you who are not Familiar with Google Adwords, to explain it simply…

Google Adwords is a tool that allows users to create Ads that you see on a Search Results page. ( see image below )


In order to use Google Adwords, you MUST register either a Credit or Debit card…

Again, this account is now Linked to your YouTube Account, and Your Android Phone

So now not only is your Location compromised, But now your FINANCIAL identity is compromised as well.

These are simple one of the many ways that the NSA is using their partners to tap into the lives of everyday Americans without them even being aware of it.

So to the READER: How much Information have you shared with the NSA?

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Deon is a Thought-Leader, Philosopher, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Internet marketer, and Social-Media extraordinaire.

After spending years studying the inner workings of the Cyber world, Deon has been given many titles as a direct result of his expertise on a wide array of platforms -- both online and off.

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  • Tiffany Perry

    Scary dream. I’ve read about planet x, I assume you know the theories? One end times specialist believes this is the 6th seal and the following disasters are a result of this real near collision with a planet. I think something enticing will also happen during the time of the beast. Why would revelation say that this” man” speaks with power, leading astray, if possible, even the elect? People will gladly worship him and accept his sign upon themselves. …. not till later will he be revealed as cruel and evil. And it’ll be too late. I’ll share references via email if you’re interested.

    • dlundy1

      Thanks for your comment Tiffany!

      Yes I have heard of planet X and a few of the theories but I have not delved into the topic further.

      And I agree with you entirely pertaining to deception that will overtake the world in the end times.

      Great Post!

      PS: We welcome all references and sources. You can provide anything at anytime that you think will be of interest to us and we will definitely check it out!

      You can email us using the “Contact Us” page