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HOMELAND SECURITY: Officials Warn, Obama’s “Refugee” Policy could Welcome ISIS

Syrian Crisis: Could ISIS exploit?

Amid the Syrian Civil War, roughly 4 Million Syrians have fled the region and are currently seeking shelter in some of the neighboring Countries.

However according to reports, The Obama Administration is considering a resettlement plan that involves the United States potentially ‘adopting’ thousands of “Syrian Refugees”.

According to the Washington Post, The State Department is currently viewing over 4,000 applications from alleged Refugees who are now seeking permanent asylum in the United States …this year.


Although this seems like an incredibly “kind” gesture, this has really raised concerns in Washington as well as in the Intelligence community.

The reason for this is simple, Many National Security experts suspect that ISIS is potentially planning to take advantage of the “Refugee Crisis” and use it to send many of it’s foreign operatives into America (among other Nations).

Now don’t get me wrong, of course there are seriously some Syrian Refugees who are desperately in need of Asylum (many are Christians) — however we cannot simply ignore the possibility that ISIS could exploit the situation.

If someone breaks into your house, kicks you out, and moves in — the solution is not for me to let you sleep on my couch — that is only addressing the Symptom. The Solution is for me to help you get your house back! (fight the intruder, call the cops, etc)

Likewise, even Israel, a close neighbor of the Syrians, has been hesitant about adopting Syrian Refugees — Knowing full well that ISIS has long been seeking ways to infiltrate thousands of it’s fighters into surrounding Countries.

So although Israel hasn’t allowed any Syrian Refugees into it’s borders, they have offered financial and humanitarian aid as well as constant support. Yet they have deemed the threat too serious to take any chances.

Unlike Israel, the Obama Administration is taking the opposite stance. They are addressing the “Symptom” and not the underlying Problem.

“The White House said Tuesday that it has approved permanent resettlement for up to 70,000 refugees worldwide next year, the same figure as for fiscal 2014” said the Washington Post.

Surprisingly, if you think back far enough, many of you can probably recall the time where the President was also “confident” that ISIS posed no real threat to the middle east. Instead because they were just a small group of people, he compared them to a JV basketball team… Remember?

But I digress.

However, American Lawmakers and Intelligence professionals are doing everything within their power to inform the American people of what they consider to be a “dangerous and reckless” move by the Obama Administration.

As reported by Fox News:

“An Obama administration plan to allow Syrian refuges into the United States is raising concerns within the intelligence community and on Capitol Hill — with one GOP House leader calling it a “federally sanctioned welcome party” to potential terrorists.

The State Department has defended the plan to welcome refugees from the war-ravaged western Asia country, saying the U.S. was founded on the principles of helping such people.

However, House Republicans are concern about members of The Islamic State, whose de facto headquarters is in Syria, infiltrating the refugee system and getting on American soil.

Mike McCaul, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said Friday night on Fox News’ “Hannity” show that the policy is “dangerous and reckless.””

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