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NEWS: President Obama Urges U.N. to impose Sanctions against Russia

September 25, 2014

obama-to-russiaSeptember 25, 2014 — In his address Thursday to the United Nations,

President Obama talked openly about a wide range of issues ranging from “Climate Change” to the ISIS crisis we now see occurring in the heart of Iraq.

Russia: The Bully who takes candy from children

The President began his speech by exalting the establishment and progression of the United Nations after the third world war (wwIII).

He continued his exaltation by stating that it was the dream of the U.N’s founders that all nations could live together side-by-side in “Peace and Security” and without the fear of another Nation using its own power and might to expand its own territory while simultaneously reducing the territory of its neighbors.

“We are here because others realized that we gain more from cooperation than conquest.

100 years ago, a world-war claimed the lives of many millions — proving that with the terrible power of modern weaponry the cause of empire ultimately leads to the graveyard.”

Said President Obama to the international community.

It was then that President Obama stated that Russia had indeed violated this “norm” by annexing Crimea (Crimean Peninsula), A large landmass belonging to Ukraine on the northern coast of the black sea.

“Recently, Russia’s actions in Ukraine challenge this post-war order”


World on the brink of a Final War?

Although the President said much more on the topic regarding Russia’s actions in Crimea and against Ukraine — I am confident that neither President Obama’s words or anyone else in the International community will successfully persuade the Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop doing what he thinks is best for his country and reputation.

In his speech President Obama not only stated that he would continue to pose sanctions on Russia but he also urged other nations to join him in his efforts to enforce the ‘New Order’ that has come as a direct result of the creation and ambitions of the United Nations.

“We will impose a cost on Russia for aggression, and we will counter falsehoods with the truth. And we call upon others to join us on the right side of history.”

— Said the President


Malaysian plane Flight MH17

As he continued, it seemed as if President Obama spared no expense in his attempt to demonize Russia by indirectly blaming them for the civilian plane that was shot-down out of the sky July 17, 2014 (Flight MH17).

Although both Ukraine and The United States say that the plane was shot down by the Russian-backed separatists, Russia claims that the plain was shot down by the Ukrainian government.

Apart from an alleged post on a Social-Media account, no sufficient evidence has been provided that proves which side actually pulled the trigger that brought Flight MH17 down, but speculation abounds.

It seems that with each passing day, tensions in the world are getting hotter and hotter.

Considering the growing animosity between…

  • North & South Korea
  • Ukraine & Russia
  • China & Japan

and of course with essentially every nation in the Mid-East trying to wipe Israel off of the Map — I conclude that It won’t be long until something “catches fire” and the world erupts in one final Nuclear battle that could even bring humanity upon the edge of extinction.

Could the next war finally force all nations to come together under 1 government and 1 rule for the sake of peace?

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