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Obamacare, The New World Order, and End-times Prophecies

October 18, 2013


With the Government-Shutdown finally coming to its close,

the thousands of furloughed employees are now able to return to their daily jobs.

But there is one question that we must address…

why was the government shutdown to begin with?

The mainstream media has quickly portrayed the “Right-Wing” (Republicans ) as…

“Money grubbing  racists who want nothing more than to destroy our nation”


But is that the real story?

Although there indeed are some republicans who fit into that category,

It would be grossly inaccurate to put all republicans in this category,

but that is exactly what the main-stream media has done.

They have labeled ALL right-wing supporters as “Nut-Jobs” and have used their persuasion to depict them as “Radicals“.

I am not a republican, nor am I a democrat.
This is an unbiased post written merely from an Analytical perspective

Democrats VS Republicans:

Contrary to popular belief,

the 2-party system ( Democrats/Republicans ),
was created as a means to force 313 million citizens to conform to either 1 of the 2 groups.


The 2 parties were deliberately made in opposition to one another,

this was to encourage individuals to gravitate towards the party that more closely resembled their primary beliefs.

** Obamacare Explained in SIMPLE examples **

Imagine you are a kid,

you have a friend in school that gives you $1 each day for the next 20 years.
( Doesn’t that sound like a Great friend? )

But one day,

your parents tell you that they have to sell the car and the house because they are filing for Bankruptcy.


you find out that the reason your friend gave you $1 every day was because he was stealing $10 a day from your parents!

wouldn’t you be angry?


That is what Obamacare is like,

It makes things look cheaper right NOW…

But in the end,

It will leave us all homeless.

But the reason why so many people love Obamacare is because of its “Invisible Motto”


But as anyone with financial experience can tell you,
Nothing in Life is Free.



those who are not trained in the area of Money/Finances are incapable of
“looking far enough down the line” to see the financial trouble ahead.


If you opened up a grocery store,

and for everyone that walked in, you gave them any item they needed for free

… How long do you think you could stay in business?

Like so,

Our Country is a Business!

Of course, free stuff tends to appeal to the masses.
( That’s why Obamacare was so popular )

I respect Democrats because some are concerned for the welfare of the people,

And I respect Republicans because they are usually, very financially “literate”


Our country is blowing a Financial debt “bubble”,

we owe OVER 17 trillion dollars to foreign countries

How Big do you think that bubble will get before it finally Pops?

Once that bubble pops, the U.S dollar will become virtually worthless!

What Does that mean?

If the U.S dollar collapses, it means you will need a $100 bill just to buy a Loaf of Bread.


So why should our Shoe-business ( The Country )
Keep giving away free shoes ( Money, Aid ) for FREE?

With what money will we pay the “Bills” if we haven’t earned any?

If we,

Don’t start paying the Bills

Then the “landlord” will evict us!


That is why the Republicans ( right-wing ) were so determined to DE-fund obamacare.

It was not because they just hate the poor, but it was because obamacare is literally dangerous.

** Explanation Complete **

Now that I have explained Obamacare,

Some of you may be wondering…

“Well what exactly should we do?”


There is virtually NOTHING we can do. ( The truth is scary )


because we have some of the WORLD’s smartest financial advisors helping to run our country.

These individuals are trained to know when we are $1 in debt and then FIX it!

So how on EARTH, could we accidentally get 17 trillion dollars in debt?

Answer: It wasn’t Accidental

this takes us to our NEXT question…


Why would our Leaders PURPOSELY place our Country in debt?


Answer: Its Suicide.

The Tactic being used is called the “Cloward-Piven” strategy. ( Google it )

Cloward-Piven Strategy:

  • A plan devised to DESTROY the united states from the inside-out by overloading the nation’s welfare system and running up the country’s national debt, thus causing the economy to collapse under its own weight.

This tactic is the ONLY way the United States could be destroyed!

Have you noticed the common theme of most movies now involve the DESTRUCTION of the United States and of the EARTH?

1.White-house Down

2.Olympus has Fallen

3.World War Z

4.War of the Worlds


6.After Earth

7.G.I Joe – Retaliation
8.The Worl’d End
9.This is The End
10.The day After

** And MANY more**


Did you REALLY think it was just “Entertainment”?

But to continue…

The U.S became a “Super-Power” among the nations and quickly surpassed them in both economic-growth and military-might!

But WHY would they want to destroy the greatest nation on Earth?


…To create the “Novus ordo Seclorum”

( Translated: “New World Order” )

It is what they have been screaming all along!

as a matter of fact,

The answer was placed on the back of Our Currency! ( The $1 Bill )

Novus ordo Seclorum

translates to…

“The New Order of the Ages”

This “New World Oder” is usually defined as..

“The Government Behind our Government”

Just as our “Visible” Government has different branches,

  1. Executive
  2. Judicial
  3. Congressional

The “Invisible” Government has different branches,

The infamous group of elites oftern referred to as the “Illuminati” is simply a “Tentacle” of the organization that oversees the Entertainment industry and the Music industry.

Next Question…

What is the Purpose of the New World Order?

The purpose of the “Novus ordo Seclorum” ( New world order ),

Is to usher in the ONE-world Government, and the ONE-world Religion

The Building that replaced the Twin-Towers is called the “ONE-world freedom Tower”

Coincidence? unlikely.


The goal of the New World Order is to usher in the new ONE-WORLD,

Who will be led by ONE man….

Who is this one Man that will lead this New ONE-world?


The man that will lead this new world


The Biblical “Anti-Christ”

( Do you see how the Bible ties into all of this? )

The Bible has already told us about all these things that will come!

You can literally open up a Bible and read about it with your own eyes.

But most people don’t know it, because they never read it.

** Be sure to read the NEXT post continuing this Discussion **

** But remember, COMMENT first! 🙂

To The Reader:

  • What are your opinions regarding Obamacare?
  • Do you believe in End-time Prophecies?


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