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Oklahoma Muslim stabs Christian over religious differences | [VIDEO]

November 20, 2014

Here we have yet another instance where a man resorts to violence and assault on behalf of his Islamic faith.

The entire event started out when a Christian family (Jerome Bullock) decided to take in a homeless fellow (Jimmy Stepney)  who had recently joined their local church.

The family provided Stepney not only with a place to sleep, but they also clothed him and fed him as if he was one of the family.

Although everything was going fine initially, the situation took a turn for the worst when Stepney (the homeless guest) started reading and studying the Qur’an unbeknownst of the family.


One Evening, everyone was watching the news together and Stepney made a comment pertaining to Muslims not being bold enough to actually behead all the enemies of Islam.

“He (Stepney) said he feels like more Muslims need to step up to the plate (and behead)”

Said Bullock.

Of course, this did not sit well with Bullock and his family considering that they all were born-again Christians. So after hearing Stepney’s comment, the family was no longer comfortable with him living in their home so they asked him to pack his things and leave.

Oklahoma Muslim returns

According to Bullock, Stepney packed his things and left their home but returned several days later with a knife and tried to kill Bullock.

The confrontation continued until Bullock’s mother came outside with a base-ball bat and chased Stepney away.

When asked what encouraged her to pick up a bat, Bullock’s mother responded…

“He was trying to kill my son, I couldn’t believe that”

Stepney was eventually arrested and is now awaiting trial.





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