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OPINION: Has the Church been [Muted] ?

March 20, 2015

christianWe like to quote Jesus today,
But the truth is

— the world still (and always will) hate him.

The notion that Christians should just be ‘Tolerant’ of everything (no matter what it is) is false.

Simultaneously, this doesn’t mean that Christians should go around being JERKS.
Jesus taught us to share the TRUTH — yet do so in Love.

Now with that said,

YES — Jesus is loving and kind, but when he saw EVIL he wasn’t afraid to OPENLY speak against it (irregardless of the consequence)

Yet Christians in America are allowing themselves to be ‘Trained’ by a backwards and confused society into becoming ‘Tolerant’ of EVERYTHING.

Yet the sad thing is that they actually think they are doing GOOD.

(Because In America — It is OKAY to disagree with something, but because that is just your opinion — shutup about it)

A Christian that won’t OPENLY RESIST and REPROVE Sin is about as valuable as a Soldier who won’t actually ‘fight’ in a Battle.

The concept is ridiculous and self-contradictory in that Jesus HIMSELF was so radically ‘Intolerant’ of Sin that the world wanted him dead.

They did EVERYTHING they could to Shut him up.

  • They Lied on Him
  • They set Traps for him
  • They tried to Trick Him
  • They tried to Humiliate him
  • They tried to ARREST HIM
  • They tried to DEFAME HIM

But they couldn’t — so there was nothing left but for them to KILL him (which was part God’s plan).

Yet even in all this, Jesus told his disciples that the world would do the SAME THINGS to ANYONE who truly followed him.

Yet fast-forward roughly 2,015 years LATER– the world is so UN-intimidated by today’s Christians that even HOLLYWOOD (who is BOLDLY against Christ) is NOT trying to shut them up. In fact they are doing the opposite!

They are actually giving them TELEVISION SHOWS and sponsoring them so that ALL THE WORLD  can witness what the GOSPEL and Power of God has be reduced to in modern Christians — RELIGION.

Now either Jesus LIED to his disciples, or Modern Christians have lost sight of what it means to TRULY “Follow” after Christ.

Yet God is raising up a generation, a remnant of people who will stand up and fight for what we know is right.

If you are someone who proclaims to be a Christian, pray that God will show you how to be a Radical one — no matter the cost.



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