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Parable: The 3 workers

January 7, 2014

There were 3 servants,working to build a home for their Master bible-parable-unmerciful-servant-26149709(employer)….

So the 3 workers continued to work for 8 months on building a very large house for their boss,

but one day…

one of the servants decided to ask their boss why he needed to build such a large house when he already had a much smaller one…

and he replied…

“There is a storm coming and I want me and my family to be protected.”

So when the one servant heard this he began to think and consider…

So the next day, that servant decided to quit working on the house… and to instead, go back home and begin building his OWN house for him and his family.

He encouraged the other 2 servants to do the same, but they were convinced that a storm was not going to come and that their master was building a house simply to show his friends just how wealthy he was.

So that servant went back home and began building his own house for him and his family.

So the next day, the 2 servants who were left continued working

They thought the 1 servant who left was crazy to leave his high-paying job when they were making such good money.

So around 6 months later, the 2 servants continued working on the mansion for their master…

And one day, dark clouds began to form all around, and a little rain began to drop….dark_cloud_by_snowedearth-d53nma8

And one of the servants remembered what the last servant had said about the coming storm

So he went to his master and asked him personally…

“Master, why are you building such a large house?”

And his master told him…

“I am building a house large enough to house me and all of my family before the storm comes,

I learned long ago to NEVER entrust anyone else with the safety of me and my family”

So when this servant heard this, he too (like the first servant)
decided to leave and begin building his own house…

but before he left,

he told the last servant that remained about what the master had said… and encouraged him to do as he was about to do.

but the last servant had said within his heart…

“I will not leave my master, for surely, he is a good man and will take care of me if a storm does come.

besides, I am making much money here.

So why should I leave only to start spending my own money to build my own house to prepare for a storm that may not ever come?”

So the last servant continued building the masters mansion,

and about 3months later… he finally finished building the house for his master.

So once the house had been built,

his master gathered all of his own family into his house and then paid his servant VERY handsomely the amount they agreed upon PLUS a bonus for completing it alone. cartoon_rich_white_man_0521-1011-0416-3143_SMU

His master paid him so much money, that he decided to begin building his OWN mansion now to protect him and his family from a storm.

So the servant decided that in the following week, he would begin to build his own house to provide for himself and for his family.

But during the night,

A great wind came…. and It began to rain ferociously.

So when the servant saw that the storm had come upon him, he knew he didn’t have enough time to build his OWN mansion…

So he gathered all of his family and went back to his master’s house.

When he saw the master, he asked him for protection for him and his family…

But his master said to him…

“I am sorry, But I only built enough rooms for me and my family. I cannot help you.”

So the servant gathered his family and went to the house of the very FIRST servant that left to build his OWN house…

And when he saw his fellow servant, he asked him for protection for him and his family…

But his fellow servant said…

” I didn’t have much money when I left, So I only had enough to build a small house for me and all my children.
I am sorry but I cannot help you.”

When the servant saw that his fellow servant could not help him,
he went to the 2nd servant who left to build his own house.

When he saw the other servant, he again asked for protection for him and his family from the storm

But his fellow servant said…

“When I left, I did not have much time to build myself a house.
But I was able to build an underground chamber with enough room only  for me and my wife…

I am sorry I cannot help you

So when the storm came, the servant and his family were homeless…. and hopeless.

( Moral of the Story? )


( Don’t trust your employer to provide for your needs, when it comes to YOUR well being… only you and GOD can be trusted to preserve it )

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