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Pentagon’s Strategy to Combat Zombie Apocalypse | This is Not A Joke

May 16, 2014

zombie-pileFor decades, the United States defense department has sought to be “ahead of the curb” in the defense of our nation using Advanced Military weaponry and military defense strategies.

But there was a recent plan hatched by the Department of Defense that sounds like it was rendered directly from a Sci-Fi movie — or at least the recent film “World War Z” in which the world was overrun by flesh eating zombies that threatened the survival of mankind.


In Its latest military strategy for a “Fictional Scenario”- the Pentagon has created a United States strategic defense, but not against terrorists or Nukes- But against Zombies.
(yes, zombies)

According to this document, in case of widespread zombie epidemic – the plan is to “Preserve the Sanctity of Human Life” among all of the “Non-Zombie” humans that remain. This document (released in 2011) was formulated deep within the confines of a government facility and goes by the name CONOP888 or “Counter Zombie Dominance”. (View below)

Now the Defense Department made the following statement in regards to the “Counter Zombie Dominance” strategic action-plan.

“This plan fulfills fictional Contingency Planning Guidance (CPG) tasking for USSTRATCOM to develop a comprehensive JOPES Level 3 plan to undertake military operations to preserve “non-zombie” humans from the threats posed by a zombie horde.

Because zombies pose a threat to all “non-zombie” human life (hereafter referred to as “humans”), USSTRATCOM will be prepared to preserve the sanctity of human life and conduct operations in support of any human population-including traditional adversaries”


zombie-invasionZombie Apocalypse: Fiction or Prediction?

Although many people who hear about this will immediately think that this is simply some joke or crazy conspiracy theory — but If you can make it to the end of this blog post, you will understand why there could be an underlying truth hiding within this seemingly ridiculous zombie apocalypse defense plan.

Think About It: Why would the Pentagon created a Strategic Plan to combat large Horde’s of Zombies unless Some element of the plan could one day be useful?

Maybe not Large horde’s of Zombies — but rather, maybe large horde’s of People.

Within the document, The Defense Department went to great lengths to make this strategic plan sound like joke by listing the different types of potential zombie threats such as…

  • Radiation Zombies
  • Evil Magic Zombies
  • Space Zombies
  • Weaponized Zombies
  • SI Zombies (Symbiant-Induced)
  • Chicken Zombies (sounds ridiculous right?)

US-zombie apocalypse

The document also states the following within its Disclaimer…

Rather than risk such an outcome by teaching our augmentees using the fictional “Tunisia or “Nigeria” scenarios used at JCWS, we elected to use a completely-impossible scenario that could never be mistaken as a real plan.


zombieZombies? That can be real

Although we should never assume that anything is beyond the realm of possibility – whether or not this CONOP888 is actually suggesting that America will be invaded by zombies is irrelevant to this post.

The greater point that we wish to present is that although this plan seems utterly useless (under the assumption that zombies will never exist) — It can actually be implemented in a time of emergency where hordes of “Zombies” (People) are attempting to attack and overthrow the remaining human population (government authorities).

The Uprising:

Once we begin to interpret this document from this realistic perspective (people instead of zombies) we can quickly begin to find possible scenarios where this “Counter Zombie Dominance” or CONOP888 defensive strategy can be used in a real-life scenario which closely resembles modern-day events.

Hacking the Matrix:

In order to get a clear understanding on what this document is truly saying underneath the cloak of “Fiction”  — lets remove some of the “Noise” and Zero in on the skeletal message hiding within.

For those who want to Follow along — Open The Document in a New Window

Starting at the very first section of the Document, the “Purpose” of this plan is stated as…

This plan fulfills fictional Contingency Planning Guidance (CPG) tasking for USSTRATCOM to develop a comprehensive JOPES Level 3 plan to undertake military
operations to preserve “non-zombie” humans from the threats posed by a zombie horde.

If we look at this statement and ignore the ridiculous reference to Zombies, we can see that even in this scenario, the “Zombies” outnumber the “Non-Zombies” — even as in most movies.

But NOTE that this zombie invasion is specifically occurring within the borders of the United States. Therefore, these “zombies” — are Americans.

protestTherefore in response to this Zombie Apocalypse (Rebellion) — this plan entails how the military will “Undertake Military Operations to preserve the ‘Non-Zombie’ humans from the threats posed by a Zombie horde (Angry Americans).

But why would Hordes of Zombies (Americans) be angry enough to attack the remaining Humans (government leaders)?

In America, we have witnessed an age-old debate between the 2 parties (Democrats & Republicans), but we have never seen anything that caused for hordes of Americans to flock together against the government as a whole.

rippedCould it be the ERADICATION of the United States Constitution that caused these hordes of Zombies to come against the powers that be?

Could it be the Economic Collapse of America that causes the Zombie-like behavior from Americans?

With food and water nowhere to be found, could America quickly descend to a desert waste-land? A waste-land where everything and anything will become a potential source for food for the hordes of starving people… even, other humans.


The document also states how a potential Zombie Apocalypse could occur…

While the U.S. currently enjoys several asymmetric advantages in against zombie infections originating in the Eurasian landmass , these advantages can easily be negated by air and sea traffic that could transport the source of a zombie infection to North and South America. Further, asteroids and nuclear space radiation that can convert people into zombies can affect any landmass or population on earth

The beginning of this excerpt is virtually saying that although the United States has an advantage against a Zombie-Virus, It could still possible infiltrate the US through our food source (GMO foods), through space radiation, or Radiation in general (or a Nuclear bomb).

The Document continues…

Because zombies pose a threat to all “non-zombie” human life (hereafter referred to as “humans”), USSTRATCOM will be prepared to preserve the sanctity of human life and conduct operations in support of any human population-including traditional adversaries.

Here we see that because of the “Zombie Threat” to non human life, A new “Nation” will be birthed — named USSTRATCOM.
Possibly the United Nations?**.

This new Nation will be prepared to preserve the remaining human life on the planet. It also says that this new nation will support and accept any human population – including those who were former enemies.
**Doesn’t this sound like a One-World Government? **

How Can they Identify the Humans from the Zombies?

Could it be a Chip implanted in the Right-hand to test the DNA for the Zombie Virus? (Bible prophecy)

This “Fictional” scenario is starting to sound quite familiar Isn’t It?

Kill the American-Zombies:

The document entails that the only way to save what remains of humanity is to first isolate them from the zombies so that they are safe — and to then initiate the “Eradication” of the American Zombies.

The Document States…

The objective of this plan is threefold:
a (U) Establish and maintain a vigilant defensive condition aimed at protecting humankind from zombies

b. (U) If necessary, conduct operations that will, if directed, eradicate zombie threats to human safety.

c. (U) Aid civil authorities in maintaining law and order and restoring basic services during and after a zombie attack.

The above excerpt makes mention of the Mass “Eradication” of these Zombie Threats (American threats). What better way to destroy hordes of Zombies than by placing them all in Concentration Camps where they can be slaughtered in BULK?

We have not made it page 10 in this 31-page document, but yet we have already found a large amount of content that can literally relate to the things we see occurring around us in America.

And what is even more Interesting, for my reader who may be Christian — we can also see how some of these things have the potential to relate to bible prophecy!

To The Reader:

Continue Reading The Document, If you find more interesting Info – Share it with us in the Comments!



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