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POLL: 72% of Israelis don’t Trust President Barack Obama

February 11, 2015


Israel Speaks: ‘We don’t Trust Him’

According to a recent poll conducted by the Times of Israel, 3 in 4 Israelis do NOT trust President Obama when it comes to stopping Iran from attaining a Nuclear stockpile which would undoubtedly be used in an attempt to wipe out the nation of Israel.

The Poll also indicated that 59% of Israelis gave President Obama an unfavorable rating overall.

But can anyone blame them?

When it comes to the safety of Israel, most Israelis have concluded that President Obama seems to be more serious about defending Islam from critics than he is about protecting the tiny Jewish state.

The Nuclear Nonsense:

Barack ObamaOne of the reason President Obama is viewed so poorly in Israel is because of his current position in facilitating Nuclear negotiations with Iran.

For those unaware, Iran has vowed time and time again to wipe the nation of Israel off of the face of the earth. This is why in former years, Iran was prevented from developing Nuclear weapons through the use of Sanctions by the U.S. and its partners.

Fortunately for Iran, when President Obama took office — he began relieving the sanctions that were crippling the nation, but only if they promised to discuss a Nuclear deal with the International community.

And that is exactly what Iran has been doing, just Discussing.

However no actual ‘Deal’ has emerged from these discussions, Instead all Iran has to do is show up to the table, talk a little, smile a little, suggest a little, and they get to enjoy the ‘perks’ of sanctions relief without actually agreeing to anything.

Its the classic scenario of a Man wanting ‘Acquaint’ himself with a Woman without actually forming a serious commitment (such as marriage).


Wasting Time:

At every corner President Obama has displayed to Israel (and to the world) that he is desperate enough to give Iran anything it wants for the sake of his negotiations (which will benefit no one but Iran).

Iran, like any good con-artist is simply playing the role.
After all, why purchase the cow when you can get the milk for free?

There is no need for Iran to actually agree to give up anything because it is already getting the result of that agreement while in the ‘Discussion’ phase thanks to the Obama Administration.

All Iran has to do is continue wasting time “negotiating” until the deadline comes up, and then ask for an extension.

You would think that American leaders would not be naive enough to keep playing this game of ‘tiddlywinks’ with the rogue regime, However President Obama shows up every Saturday, at 3 o’clock, with his juice-box and gram-crackers in-hand, ready to negotiate.

In response to the Nuclear talks with Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated…

“world powers and Iran are galloping toward an agreement that will allow Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons that will endanger the existence of the state of Israel,”

Benjamin NetanyahuBut with everything said and done, the Israelis have realized that either the President Of the United States is completely oblivious and naive in his international efforts, or he simply does not have their best interest at heart.

Either thought is frightening to the small nation, which is why they have begun preparations to stop Iran from attaining a Nuclear stockpile — even if they have to ‘go it alone.

In an interview, Netanyahu stated…

“The international community now faces a simple choice: To give in to the demands of Iran in an agreement of surrender that is dangerous not just to Israel, but for the entire world, or to stand firm on the demand that Iran dismantles its capability to manufacture nuclear weapons,”


“Israel will not agree to an agreement that leaves Iran as a nuclear threshold state; it is dangerous for all of us,”

However as tensions continue rising world-wide (not just between Iran and Israel), President Obama continues to play Russian roulette

— except with the gun pointed at the Israel.



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    Good article on a very depressing subject