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NEWS: Obama received detailed intel about the rise of ISIS 1 year early — Yet Did Nothing. [VIDEO]

September 19, 2014

Source: President obama was fully aware of isis

President Obama Addresses theNew information has emerged that suggests President Obama knew about the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) an entire year before they began their conquest in Iraq which essentially lead to the overthrow of the Iraqi government and several key cities.

According to a former Pentagon Official in a fox-news interview, our commander-in-chief received detailed Intel about the growth and influence of the Islamic-state in the region — he did nothing.

This pentagon official — who asked to not to be identified for the security of his career — told the reporter that the Intel received by the President was so good that any logical policy-maker could not look at it without coming to the same conclusion
— ISIS is an imminent threat to the United States that must be eradicated.

Yet President Obama did not come to that conclusion — why aren’t I surprised?

Instead of taking the threat that ISIS posed to the United States seriously, President Obama minimized the threat to the American people by comparing the terror organization to a “JV” team.

ISIS initially started with around 2,000 militants and virtually no significant reach or funding. Today, ISIS sits with over 40,000 members who have been equipped and well trained.

That is not all — they have invaded roughly 5 key-cities in Iraq with just 1 of those cities (Mosul) containing roughly 664,000 people.

As of now, ISIS has a net worth of roughly a billion dollars.

As if that were not enough, American-Muslims are hopping on planes left and right to go join ISIS. So not only do they have money and power, but they now have Americans who can easily get back on a plane and start attacking other American citizens??

Mr. President — That “JV” threat just went PRO.





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