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REPORT: President Obama removes IRAN and HEZBOLLAH from Terror List

March 19, 2015


President Obama declares Terrorists ‘Not Terrorists’

Coming just 2 weeks after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a thought-provoking speech to congress reminding America that Iran has not only vowed to destroy both America AND Israel — it is a national exporter of Terrorism.

I guess the President decided to change that.

A couple of days ago, President Obama took it upon himself to remove both Iran and Hezbollah from America’s ‘Terror List’ — Officially separating them [Legally] from being deemed or recognized as ‘Sponsors of Terror’ by the USA.

As reported by FrontPage Magazine:

“You know the country responsible for killing hundreds of marines, which provided sanctuary to Al Qaeda and whose terrorist proxies helped give Al Qaeda the skills to carry out 9/11?”

“They’re no longer terrorists. Sure their terrorist groups currently control parts of Lebanon and Yemen, but they’re not terrorists. Because if Iran was a state sponsor of terror, then Obama letting them have the bomb might look bad. This way it’s fine.”

One can only speculate as to why President Obama decided to remove both known sponsors of terror without any substantial evidence to justify such a drastic move, however it doesn’t take a genius to realize that this could not only be detrimental to the safety and security of Israel — but it could also come back to bite America in the tookus.

However, what continues to shock me is the fact that many Americans have blindly thrown their hats into the ring with a President who [seemingly] couldn’t care less about the national Security of our life-long friend and ally Israel.

(But then again, they usually don’t follow world-events close enough to recognize a ‘Bad-Deal’ when they see one)

Instead of calling radical Islam and its supporters for what they really are (Terrorists) — President Obama is bending over forwards and backwards to impress the Muslim world.

If you ask me, Iran couldn’t have hoped for a better President than Barack Obama — Every action that he takes seems to put them 1-step closer to achieving their goal (which is world dominance).

… I wonder if they voted for him.



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