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President Obama surrenders Control of the Internet

March 17, 2014

The Internet Surrendered

Under the Guidance of the Obama Administration,
We (The creators of the Internet) have now handed over its keys to what they call the International Community AKA United Nations
(Global Government).

Since the Early 1900s, the United States has been the sole governance of the Internet. And who else better to guard its freedoms than the Nation founded on Freedom? since the giantsInternet’s Inception, we have been its rightful owners and overseers. Thus leading to the creation of many of the World’s greatest online organizations such as Google, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and many more.

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Why Surrender the Internet?

Obama Surrenders Internet | Deon Vs EarthPersonally, I feel that the surrender of the administrative privileges was a simple chess move with the purpose of relinquishing the control of the United States over the Internet to the Coming Global Governance also known as the New World Order.

I mean think about It, why would you give up the keys to your Lamborghini UNunless you were done driving it?

Likewise, this transition of the Internet is now placing the governance of the Internet into the hands of the Globalists who want nothing more than to see the creation of a unified world-government.

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Why NOT surrender the Internet to the Global Community?

Good question, Simple answer. The United States was founded on the premise of Freedom and Equality (although we had our moments where we slacked in this area.).

But our laws are (was) what keep the Internet a place of freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression. But now Its governance has been “Given Up” to a global community who is not bound by the guidelines that our founding fathers put in place for us.

What many people in the United States do not realize is that in many countries, people are not allowed to express their personal beliefs if they are contrary to the vast majority. And doing so could result in strict punishment and/or even death.
(This was the case in Syria when a young girl was Stoned to death simply for having a Facebook Account. )

Ok Deon, But What Exactly does This Mean?

simply put. The surrender of the Internet Means that The United States of America is no longer the dominant authority figure of the Internet.

It means that we do not control what goes on and therefore we do not “police” what is said and what takes place on the Internet.

Who Does?

The United Nations (Global Government).

No Freedom of Speech In AmericaAnd because the United States has surrendered its Administrative Role, this also means that the Internet Freedoms that we are so accustomed to are no more.

We can no longer guarantee the “Freedom of Speech” to communicate our opinions and ideas openly, and thus we are one step close to losing the freedoms that we fought so hard to attain.

So What Can I Do?

I am so glad you asked! 🙂

If you would like to do something, Here is what you can do…

  1. Share The Save-Our-Internet Facebook page
  2. Like The Save-Our-Internet Facebook-page
  3. Sign The Save-Our-Internet Petition! ( Sign Petition Here )


It may not seem like Much, but every Vote can make a difference! There is great strength in numbers so please spread the word!



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