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The Beauty of Creation

March 14, 2014

So I was on Twitter the other day and I encountered this guy who said he is Atheist because God gave us NO knowledge
(About Neutrons, Cells, etc.)

No Knowledge?


-Who taught the first human what to eat?3635-fruit-photo

-who taught the Bear to eat enough food in order to survive the winter in Hibernation?

-Who Told the Birds that it is warmer in the south during the southWinter?

-Who showed the Bees how to make Honey? bees

-Who taught the Ants how to work all throughout the Spring to survive the winter?

-Who gave the Ostrich its amazing speed?

-Who gave the Peacock its beauty?peacock

– Who carried the very first kangaroo in his pouch?

Can you NOT see that GOD is an ARTIST?

The Beaver and The Dog

-Who taught the Beaver Carpentry?

Is it just LUCK??

If you give a Dog 1,000 sticks, he will waste his life playing

But if you give a Beaver 1,000 sticks, he will fashion himself a mansion. beaver



Why is Creation the only Logical Explanation?

If we all originated from the SAME amoeba,

why do we all specialize in different areas?

– Who taught the first Spider to spin its first Web?web

Was it Trial & Error?

In that case, the spider would have died before figuring it out!

-Who taught the Lion to Hunt?

-Who taught the Zebra to stay in HERDS for protection? herd

Did they teach themselves?

Fun Fact: Zebras stick together (even in herds) because when they are in large numbers, their stripes confuse their predators. When they remain close-knit to one another, they all look like one Big Object. This is called an Optical Illusion.


Did the Zebras hold a Board Meeting and decide to wear stripes to confuse predators?

Of course Not.


Knowledge is literally Everywhere.

It is all around us!

Even the smallest of creatures ( Bugs )Dragonfly-Cool-HD

Show signs of wisdom & intellect.

( Ex: A bee will die once it loses it stinger. Therefore it won’t sting you unless you are threatening its Hive.

In this case, the bee sacrifices its life to ensure the survival of its own KIND. )

How foolish is it to believe that everything could have possibly came from nothing.

Just because God didn’t teach us the unimportant things is irrelevant.atom
( Cells, Protons, Neutrons, Quarks )

HE IS GOD, he will take care of the godly things.
( weather, biology )

But mankind has begun trying to understand all these things on its own…

which is OK, but now we are trying to tamper with things that we should not.

(like when you tell a child not to touch something, they want to touch it even more.)

there is a REASON why God didn’t teach us any of this.

Do you know the consequence of Human Error when dealing with genetics?dna

God created the body to do what it should do…

But Satan & Humans are trying to hack not only into God’s Genetic Codes for us…

but into the Code for Nature as well.

The end result will be utter destruction.

Humans think they are going to Improve mankind

…. But we are already as we should be!

Imagine if we genetically modify every humaerrorn, & then discover we made a grave mistake in our calculations….

( As we often do )

It will be too late to reverse the effect which could result in the END of humanity

But God will not allow us to do so….

At least not YET.

What I believe?

I believe that In the END, God will allow all those who choose to do so…

to genetically modify themselves with Alien DNA

This will be the Biblical “Mark of The Beast”

Because it will be a mark that literally turns humans into beasts (unknown creatures)

But all those who trust in God and in his plan for humanity will never be disappointed.

The Bible tells us that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, and neither has it even entered into our minds the Good things that God has prepared for them that love him!

What are your thoughts?

  • have you ever met anyone who didn’t believe that God was real?
  • What did you say to them?
  • If they asked you for evidence, would you be able to give it to them as I did in this article?

Just remember, the evidence of God is everywhere.

Sometimes we just have to take the time to see it 🙂



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