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Public Outrage as COSTCO Lables Bible as “Fiction”

November 21, 2013

The popular retailer known as Costco faced public backlash after Having “Accidentally” costco

labeled several dozen bibles as “Fiction”.

This detail was originally noticed by a local Pastor who was in the store searching for a gift to buy his wife.

When The Local pastor saw the bibles,
he shared a picture with his congregation VIA Twitter.

Costco Issued an official apology Wednesday,
blaming the incident on one of its product distributors.

The Company’s spokes person was quoted

“Costco’s distributor mislabeled a small percentage of the Bibles, however we take responsibility and should have caught the mistake. We are correcting this with them for future distribution,”

They continued…

“In addition, we are immediately relabeling all mislabeled Bibles.

We greatly apologized for this error.

Though this event could indeed have been merely an accident…

In today’s society,
religion is being ridiculed and written off as a Myth or as a joke.

But these things were already foretold in the Bible

(2Peter 3:3)
Having first of all the knowledge that in the last days there will be men who, ruled by their evil desires, will make sport of holy things,

(2Peter 3:4)  Saying, Where is the hope of his coming? From the death of the fathers till now everything has gone on as it was from the making of the world.



Do you think the Labels were merely a Mistake?

Or do you think that it was an INTENTIONAL ?

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