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REPORT: 4,000 Syrian Christians forced to Flee ISIS assault


Christians Flee Persecution:

According to reports — Nearly 120,000 Syrians were forced to flee their homes when ISIS militants began invading Syrian villages.

Among those that fled were nearly 4,000 Christian families belonging to numerous Churches (Chaldeans, Assyrians, Syrian Catholics and Syrian Orthodox).

Those that fled have largely taken refuge in a nearby urban area known as Qamishli, however if ISIS defeats government forces and continues it’s progression — Syrian Christians could soon run out of places to flee.

While the Syrian people once relied on America and supporting nations to stop the rapid advance of ISIS, this administration has proven time and time again that they have no intent to ‘Stop’ ISIS — instead their goal is to merely ‘Contain’ the Islamic threat.

As a result, the Syrian people must now place their hope in the President of Syria and it’s allies to defeat ISIS — However that ‘Hope’ is diminishing each day.

Pray for the Christians in Syria.

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