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REPORT: Burglar Eats left over chicken-wings, Falls asleep in Guest-room

June 25, 2015


This is why you shouldn’t ‘Sleep’ on the Job

According to reports, a man is now in jail because he reportedly ransacked a couple’s home in New Hampshire.

Renaud “Junior” Plaisir, The Burglar, reportedly snuck into the home while the couple was fast asleep.

After entering, Plaisir began systematically searching the house but somehow ended up making a quick stop by the kitchen where he eventually helped himself to the left-over chicken wings in the fridge.

After finishing the wings, the suspect reportedly took off his shoes in the hallway and made his way to the couple’s ‘Guest Room’ where he took a nap.

“He must have been here several minutes, all the drawers were open, and upstairs it was the same thing,” said Elinor Terrell (The Wife).

Police said when John Terrell (Husband) woke up around 6am, he walked into the hallway and noticed a strange pair of shoes outside of the Guest bedroom.

So the husband peaked through the door and saw the cat-burglar taking a ‘Cat Nap’ with a knife tucked into his back-pocket.

“John woke me up and said there is a guy asleep in the blue bedroom,” said the Wife.

“And I said, are you sure? And he said, ‘here are his sneakers!'”

Elinor Terrell then ran downstairs to call police while her husband woke Plaisir and held him at gunpoint until officers arrived.



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