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REPORT: China Developing ‘Space Weapons’ to destroy US Satellites

October 21, 2015


China Developing “Super Weapons”

For years America and China have been in fierce competition — competing on things such as economic growth and even Military size. However it appears that China is attempting to take this competition to a whole new level.

According to an Investigative report released by the US Congress — China is reportedly developing “Space Weapons” that will have the potential to jam or even destroy US Satellites should a conflict arise. Needless to say that by doing so, it could potentially damage the entire US infrastructure.

The report issued by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (which was obtained by the Washington Times) outlined many of the details of China’s space-defense initiative which seemed to be geared primarily towards neutralizing US space operations.

As reported by the Washington Times:

“A forthcoming report by the congressional U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission provides new details of China’s space-weapons programs, dubbed counterspace arms, that are aimed at destroying or jamming U.S. satellites and limiting American combat operations around the world.

“China is pursuing a broad and robust array of counter-space capabilities, which includes direct-ascent anti-satellite missiles, co-orbital anti-satellite systems, computer network operations, ground-based satellite jammers and directed energy weapons,” a late draft of the commission’s annual report states. “China’s nuclear arsenal also provides an inherent anti-satellite capability.”” (Learn More)

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