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REPORT: ISIS Publishes ‘Hit List’ of 100 American Military personnel | Cover-up?

March 26, 2015

ISIS Targeting U.S. Homeland:

According to sources — The Islamic State (also known as ISIS) has released a ‘Hit List’ containing the names, photos, and addresses of 100 U.S. military personnel.

The information was released through various social-media channels including Twitter and Youtube and was allegedly not removed until the information had already went viral.

According to the Pentagon, ISIS called on its “Brothers and Sisters” in the America to target the soldiers (and their families) and wage ‘Jihad’ against them.

ISIS claimed that it received this data from hacking into secure U.S. military databases, However information later emerged that suggests that organizations ‘Elite’ team of ‘Hackers’ actually retrieved most of this information from doing a simple Google search and using resources such as Facebook, Twitter, and Local phone directories.

As reported by the Daily Beast

“A group calling itself the ‘Islamic State Hacking Division’ posted the names, addresses, and photos of 100 U.S. service members on Saturday, claiming it had obtained the information by breaching military security.”

“As it turns out, the group didn’t need to hack the Pentagon. At least two-thirds of the troops on the ISIS ‘hit list’ had been featured on public Defense Department websites designed to promote the military, The Daily Beast has learned.”

A handful of U.S. Personnel who’s information was released by the Islamic state spoke [anonymously] to ABC News, however none of them seemed particularly worried about the threat.

“I wouldn’t say I’m scared”, one told the network.


OPINION: ISIS ‘Hit List’? What is really going on?

Now that you all have been informed of the ‘Official’ story behind this event, I would like to take a moment to quickly share my personal thoughts.

Honestly, I am not buying this story. I can’t help but feel that there is something else going on that we are not being fully informed on.

Why do I say this?

Firstly why would ISIS openly publish that they have the information of 100 individuals and then openly share the exact names that they have for all the world to see?

Instead wouldn’t it make more sense to just keep the information quiet and send it [secretly] to the radicalized mosques in America? (yes, we do have them)

Instead like a bunch of big-dummies, ISIS just published it on Twitter and Youtube for all the world to see?

Surely ISIS did not take over half of the middle-east only to turn around and do something this ridiculously stupid.

I’m not buying it.

Secondly, whenever there is a perceived threat to American security — the government’s first instinct is to Cover-it-up long enough to deal with the problem.

I mean think about it, what sense would it make to send the American people into a panic if a problem can be solved without anyone losing a night of sleep?

However, Like a Trampoline, The mainstream-media has jumped all over this story!

Yet with the way the information is being presented, I can’t help but feel that we are being ‘Spoon Fed’ this narrative.

But why?

There are only 2 things that I can think of:

  1. Create Fear
  2. Create Distraction

Usually when the Global Elites want to force people into making a specific decision or reacting in a certain way — they use Fear to do so.

And as most of you have already heard, People will often make Bad decisions out of fear.

  • Fear of Guns, to take away your Guns
  • Fear of Terror, to take away your Rights
  • Fear of Persecution, to silence your Opinion

This is a tried and true tactic that has been used for thousands of years to manipulate societies and continues to be used today.

However I think the more Plausible reason for this is story is…. Distraction.

Distracting America From the ‘NUKE’ in the Room:

If you recall, The Obama Administration is virtually moments away from signing a monumental agreement with Iran that will give them the freedom and capacity they need to develop a Nuclear Bomb.

(Don’t tell me you actually forgot about this while reading this story.
TSK, TSK, TSK — I told you, the ‘Distraction’ method is tried and true!)

However Israel is doing everything within its power to bring this issue to the attention of Congress and the American people — and for a while the conflict between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama dominated the headlines, until today.

Kinda Ironic don’t you think?

This new story has pulled all attention away from Israel, Iran, and Nukes and back to America’s homeland issues. After-all, we are naturally more concerned with our own safety than we are with the safety of others (its human nature).

However, will the Obama Administration use this event as a ‘Smoke-screen’ in order to hide the upcoming arrangement of Nuclear negotiations with the #1 Sponsor of terrorism world-wide?



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