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REPORT: Israel hands out ‘Oscars’ at the United Nations, Iran Wins ‘Best Actor’ [VIDEO]

February 25, 2015


Ron Prosor

A couple of days ago, Hollywood acknowledged its most influential individuals by awarding them Oscars to applaud their efforts.

Yesterday, the Israeli ambassador to the UN (United Nations), Ron Prosor, sarcastically handed out “Oscar” awards to fellow UN members at a security council session on Monday.

In his address, Prosor stated…

“Last night Hollywood celebrated the Oscars, and as millions tuned in, I thought of the following: If the Oscars for Maintenance of International Peace and Security were given at the UN, I would not be surprised if these candidates were awarded a prize,”


“In the Best Actor Category – for acting like a peace loving country while developing nuclear capabilities, denying the Holocaust, and threatening the destruction of another member state… the Oscar goes to Iran,”

However, the Israeli diplomat didn’t stop there — he had more “Oscars” to hand out.

In the category of ‘Best Supporting Actor’, Prosor awarded Hezbollah (The Iran-backed terror group) for its “unrelenting support of the Assad regime in killing hundreds of thousands of civilians.”

Prosor continued…

“In the category for Best Visual Effects – for making women disappear from the public sphere, the Oscar goes to… surprise surprise… Saudi Arabia. No competition there.”

“And finally, for rewriting history, the Oscar for Best Editing goes to… the Palestinian Authority. But the truth is – the Palestinian Authority already received enough prizes from this institution.”

Prosor’s comments come in response the nuclear negotiations taking place between the international community and Iran that could leave an unstable country (such as Iran) in a position where it has both the power and resources to develop its nuclear program and increase its nuclear stockpile — thus leaving Israel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Although Israel values its relationship with the international community (and most importantly America) — the tiny nation simply cannot afford gamble with its well being.

The Nuclear negotiations being spear-headed by  TOA (The Obama Administration) is forcing Israel to decide between protecting its citizens or trusting a nation that is hell-bent on wiping the tiny state off the face of the earth — what type of choice is that?

On March 3, The Israeli Prime minister (Benjamin Netanyahu) is still set to come to America and speak to congress in regards to the Nuclear negotiations taking place between TOA and Iran.

However TOA has openly voiced its displeasure with the Israeli prime minister coming to address congress in order to convince its members to oppose President Obama’s foreign policy. Word has even leaked out that President Obama sent out a letter to fellow Democrats instructing them to ‘Ditch’ Netanyahu’s speech — and sadly, a few have agreed to do just that.

As tensions rise between Israel and this Administration, only time will tell the outcome.



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