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REPORT: Russia preparing for Air-strikes against ISIS (and U.S. Back’d Syrian Rebels)

August 31, 2015


Russia Prepares to enter Syrian Conflict

According to reports, Russian fighter pilots and military personnel are said to be arriving in Syria in the upcoming days.

While there, these Russian fighters will allegedly be used to carry out various Military campaigns against ISIS and other [U.S. back’d] rebel forces that are currently operating in Syria.

The added Military strength will be used to help “prop-up” the spine of the war-torn Syrian government who has been battling with ISIS and Islamic extremists in a civil war that has lasted for years.

According to Western Diplomats, A Russian expeditionary force has already “touchdown” in Syria and is currently setting up camp in an Assad-controlled airbase and training facility.

This airbase is said to be near Damascus and will serve (for all intensive purposes) as a Russian proxy base, where they can run their operations from.

However with the Russians fighting near Damascus, this could reportedly create problems for Israel

As reported by Ynet News:

“The Russians do not harbor offensive intentions towards Israel or other sovereign states in the area, and their main stated goal is battling ISIS and preserving Assad’s rule. However, their presence will represent a challenge to the Israeli Air Force’s freedom of operation in the skies above the Middle East.”



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