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Somali Christian gives up Family, Education, and safety to Follow Christ


Christianity under Attack:

In America, Christians are constantly bombarded with local issues — however the problems that we often see unfolding in our own country are not worthy to be compared with what our Christian brothers and sisters are experiencing in the middle east.

All over the world, Christians are being systematically hunted and slaughter by Radical Islam, yet we often hear no peep of the matter coming from the International community. However what is even more shocking is the fact that we barely hear a peep coming from America, the nation that (until now) always fought for justice and human rights everywhere.

Today’s headline is just one of the many stories where a Christian is persecuted for their faith.

As reported by Christian Headlines

“Courageous Somali believer Fatuma Nur Hussain* has sacrificed everything familiar to follow Christ – her family, friends, studies and her safety. Fleeing from her family after intense pressure to recant, she lives day by day with the constant fear of being found by them. She endures great uncertainty about her future. But despite these pressures, she continues to cling to Christ in faith, desiring to grow to a deep knowledge of the One who saved her.”

“Fatuma was born into a Muslim-Somali family. The 23-year-old woman has 22 brothers and sisters. Her mother was the second of her father’s four wives, but she died when Fatuma was only 13.”

“Fatuma’s family practiced heavily syncretistic folk Islam, and it was her mother’s responsibility to make offerings on behalf of the family to the ancestors by slaughtering red goats. When she died, it was assumed that Fatuma would take over this responsibility. But she had other interests. She wanted to graduate from school and live her own life.”

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  • esther454

    We are need to welcome any kind of good work. So i think Somali Christian did their great jobs in here to developed the science, technology, health and education. So i hope every people are welcome them.