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STONE MOUNTAIN: Town takes in MORE Refugees than NYC and LA Combined

September 23, 2016



STONE MOUNTAIN, GA — Despite being one of the smallest towns in Georgia with a population-size just shy of 6,000 people (5,000 less than Cordele, Ga) — This small Georgia town has now taken in nearly 10x more Syrian Refugees than New York City and Los Angeles … combined.

Since the start of the Fiscal year (October 1), SM (Stone Mountain) has taken in nearly 80 Syrian refugees. However, depending on the outcome of the November election, this could only be the starting figure.

Although SM has taken in nearly 80 Syrian refugees since October 1, roughly 300 refugees (from a variety of places) have been resettled there — making roughly 5% of the population “Resettled Refugees”.


Georgia: Cultural Impact?


Although there are many who believe that helping to resettle these refugees is the right thing to do — there are many others (especially in Conservative states such as Georgia) who believe that doing so could potentially endanger their communities.

Some time ago, information emerged that exposed ISIS’ plot to ‘smuggle’ their fighters into the United States (and other Countries) claiming to be “Refugees” fleeing War.

As reported by the New York Times:

“An Algerian couple, suspected of planning a terrorist attack in Berlin and arrested on suspicion of belonging to the Islamic State, entered Germany late last year and applied for asylum as Syrian refugees — part of a pattern of terrorism suspects entering Europe under the guise of fleeing war, the German authorities said Friday.” (Smale, 2016)

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Migration and Assimilation:

In some cases, the refugees who migrate to a Country do not assimilate well. That is, they do not “adapt” to the current laws and behaviors that are considered “appropriate” in that nation. As a result of this, the actions of non-assimilated migrants often resembles that of extreme lawlessness.

One nation that has really felt the “sting” of resettlement is Germany who is now dealing with what they have come to call the “Migrant Rape Crisis” in which migrants sexually assault German citizens (women and children) and even other female migrants.

As reported by the Gatestone Institute:

“During the month of July 2016, hundreds of German women and children were sexually assaulted by migrants (see Appendix below). The youngest victim was nine; the oldest, 79.

Attacks occurred at beaches, bike trails, cemeteries, discotheques, grocery stores, music festivals, parking garages, playgrounds, schools, shopping malls, taxis, public transportation (buses, trams, intercity express trains and subways), public parks, public squares, public swimming pools and public restrooms.

Predators are lurking everywhere; safety nowhere.” (Kern, 2016)

And stated the following in an article from 2015:

“A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work organizations with first-hand knowledge of the situation.

Many of the rapes are occurring in mixed-gender shelters, where, due to a lack of space, German authorities are forcing thousands of male and female migrants to share the same sleeping areas and restroom facilities.

Conditions for women and girls at some shelters are so perilous that females are being described as “wild game” fighting off Muslim male predators. But many victims, fearing reprisals, are keeping silent, social workers say.” (Kern, 2015)

A local politician attempted to explain why the migrants appeared to be hyper-sexualized predators:

“When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis. These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, will follow girls and bother them without their realizing it. Naturally, this generates fear.”


Georgia: Refugees and Terror?

As stated earlier in the article, it is no secret that ISIS has used floods of immigrants as a means of secretly transporting their soldiers into Countries. These militants are then used to radicalize other citizens and conduct acts of Terrorism.

However the question that the United States must now address is whether or not importing immigrants from war-torn Syria (where no sufficient background checks are performed) could have a detrimental impact on our American society.

Although it is certainly within the “Heart” of America to help those who have been displaced as a result of war, should we do so at the expense of our own safety? Or should we seek another alternative?


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  • Kenny Martin

    So many fit, army age men coming over, and not too friendly from what I have experienced. Why do we not bring the refugees who are legitimately in fear of rape and murder like the Christians and non-Muslims? Let the Muslim Countries take the Muslims.