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VIDEO: Strange ‘Sci-Fi’ sounds coming from Sky, LISTEN

The Sound of ‘Trumpet’ Blasts?

warAll over the world, there are strange noises being heard that sound like something out of a Science Fiction Novel.

Whenever I hear the sounds in the video, immediately I think about the movie “War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells. (Watch Online)

Long story short, this Sci-Fi movie is about an ‘Alien’ invasion that nearly destroys the earth and pushes mankind to the brink of extinction.

Although it would be grossly illogical to assume that these sounds are a result of an ‘alien invasion’, I think it is worth mentioning that the sounds in the video are eerily similar to the sounds contained throughout the movie.

Checkout this short clip: (War of the Words)

This video clip shows when the first Tri-pod (alien vehicle) appears for the very first time and starts attacking people. There are some interesting points about this clip that many do not notice, however I feel that they deserve some attention.

Firstly, note that this ‘Alien’ creature did not come down from the sky like most people would expect them to, Instead it came straight up out of the earth. Now to my Christian readers, doesn’t that sound familiar?

(Rev 13:11) “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.”

Secondly, did you notice that when the tripod came up from underground, one of the very first things that it destroyed was a CHURCH?

Was this Just a coincidence?

Possibly, but I highly doubt it.


Although the purpose of this article is to address the strange sounds, for those of you who are unfamiliar with how the concept of “Aliens” and “UFOs” relate to the Bible and ‘End Time’ prophecies (which it definitely does), I would recommend you Read This Blog Post.

But returning to the sounds…

No plausible explanations have emerged that can account for the trumpet-like sounds that we witnessed in the above video.

Some say it is a hoax, and although there has definitely been a number of hoax videos created where people would copy the sounds into videos —  the shear volume of reports and sightings suggests that labelling each and every video as a ‘hoax’ is illogical at best considering that many of the recordings were done by normal people using nothing more than a home-video camera or a basic cellular device.

Others say it is probably the result of top-secret experiments conducted by the U.S. government. However because these sounds are being heard in places like China, Russia, and Ukraine — this explanation is severely unlikely (if not impossible).

Although I could spend a considerable amount of time ‘debunking’ the debunks of this video, the purpose of this post is not to disprove every theory, instead it is to present one more.

In the book of Revelation, the Bible talks about how in the end times, God will begin to pour out plagues on the earth. However before each judgement, the bible tells that angels will be given the command to ‘Sound the Trumpet’. (Revelation 8)

Could it just be irony that these ‘sounds’ resemble that of trumpets and other celestial instruments? Or is it possible that the Earth is entering into what the bible refers to as… ‘End Times’.

PS – And for those who question whether these sounds can actually be attributed to an ‘Instrument’ — checkout the video below that includes a young man playing the instrument known as a ‘Waterphone MegaBass’.

After watching, you determine whether it resembles the sounds heard around the planet or not.

(Share your thoughts below)

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  • Kevin Makasiar

    the plague, in Korea and epidemic disease had appeared called ” MERS”

  • Deborah Sentney-Hughes

    It sounded like a Harp in different keys as for trumphets maybe at first

  • Alicia-Rose Boies-Crete

    Ok well that might sound strange but they are a fiew hoax in the movie. At the end, to go to heaven you have to be loyal, give your life, give up your life. Thing i can connect:Peopl freeze, are scared, die hears creepy noises, us having more death wait… I have enough now why do I say more DEATH? Its seems like Jesus will rise after someone’s death. Back to death, I SAY that beacause -people- die A LOT MORE. And the bells here in canada,montreal where we have no hoaxes NEVER EVER RINGS!! I did went to other places but my theories go back to this. Nice connections! It is very similuar to our frights and happening.

  • everyone believes what they believe is right but when you finally meet God you realize its something completely different than you imagined

    your world perspective begins to change and you are left with more questions than answers

  • CumhuriyetkiziSelmab

    I did hear them in Bodrum, Turkey also a couple of years ago, every night for a few months.

  • Kieth Forsaken Wheeler

    It’s the sound of Odin sounding the horns,the final battle (Ragnarok) is coming to fruition. The final battle between Odin and Loki will take place! May the Gods bless us!!!

  • Suomy Nona

    that noise from the first clip smells the same as the noise in this vid:

    • Suomy Nona

      General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger gatling gun, as mounted to the A10 Warthog airplane

  • Moira Katwala

    You should check out this clip (NSFW for swearing and violence), but it’s called Red State. Listen to the trumpet blasts.

  • John Ashcraft

    The trumpet sounds being heard are for the House of Israel to prepare togo to Israel either on the Day of Trumpet in 2015 or 2016 (more likely) according to the Biblical Sources (Gen 1:14; Lev. 23:24ff; Lev 25:9-10; Isa 61:12; John 6 (Last Day); Matt 24:31 (Trump); Mark 13?; Luke 21?; I Cor 15:52; I Thess 4:6-8; Rev. 8.

  • Hnnnnnnnnnnng

    Similar to a Waterphone MegaBass but i’ve heard a sound like this before in real life and will never forget it. Near where I lived I was talking into a boarders bookstore and heard this low bass like a trumpet, it was so different from anything else I ever heard. Some guy walking into the store with his family looked at me like “wtf was that?!” I’ll never forget it. These sounds have timing to them, they aren’t just random.

  • stroke33

    There are a couple of things to think over first.
    There is the nearly impossible growth of mankind in the last 215 years, from 500.000.000 to 7.500.000.000 or a expansion of 1400%. Then there is the regular media whom are mostly corrupt or what the government forbids they don’t tell or talk around the bush, Then there is the internet so ”news” go’s faster around the world, on the internet are social or shall I A-social media and don’t forget the video sites like YouTube where anyone can place there creations, and there are a lot of hoaxes like flat earth or inside the earth or elian’s on the darkside of the moon, lizard people etc all with hundred thousands believers from all over the planet, These sounds aren’t new it goes on for a couple of years already and don’t forget the ufo’s seen all over the world and last but not least the good old ghosts. It’s all because of the immensely growth from 1400% of mankind and the fearful fast growing technology what gives people time to create all kinds of hoaxes.

  • David Johnson

    When they say trumpet, their not referring to a Bach or Yamaha. Their referring more to an ancient horn, like something you would hear in Lord of The Rings.